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Ba-Bye, Bellevue!

Have you ever ended up somewhere for a really long time unexpectedly?  That’s me and Bellevue.  We’ve had a good run considering it was supposed to be a 9-month lease, and I’d be out the door.  I totally blame the pool at my apartment complex.  It lured me in. Now, here I am 20 years later realizing I’m finally gonna leave.  And have you ever noticed you appreciate something or someone a lot more when you realize you’re not gonna have them around anymore?  Yep.  It’s like that aunt that pinched your cheeks or your fat jeans you no longer need but love for what they did for you or that ex-boyfriend who was cute and bought you flowers even if he was too dumb to keep.  That’s my relationship with Bellevue.


We go way back – 20 years. Lol.  Never thought I’d say that, but lately, I’ve been looking around and, surprisingly enough, I’m gonna miss this place.


The materialistic side of me is going to miss fast food row.  Laugh if you want, but it’s nice to have so many choices.  When you grow up with a Dairy Queen and a JACS Steakhouse, variety is the spice of life, or at least your diet.  I love me some Swine Dining ribs, some Catfish Lake tenderloins, some Stella fries, some B&B Classic Dogs (peanut butter and bacon, baby), some Sonic tots, some Reese’s Brownie Royale from Summer Kitchen Cafe, and a strawberry smoothie from Scooters.  Can we still come over and eat here?  Well, Jason tells me it will still be fine to cross the river, but you know how it goes, you just don’t get there as often.


The non-materialistic side is going to miss deer grazing in my backyard.  Now, maybe I will finally be able to have hostas and be able to wake up in my lounger without a deer staring at my pasty white body, but I like the deer.  I like their lack of concern for me and that sometimes you have to stop and take a picture of the baby triplets in the middle of the street causing you to be an extra minute late to work.  I’m gonna miss the overly-friendly squirrels that eat our pumpkins, the rabbits that hippy-hop through my yard, and the occasional wild turkey that crosses the road much more leisurely than any chicken people speak of.


And for that matter, I’m gonna miss my backyard, too.  I love that it’s green, lush, and peaceful.  I can lay out in all my lack of glory and nobody sees me but the deer and the jet pilots flying overhead (sorry, boys!).


Speaking of men in uniform, I’m gonna miss the patriotism, too.  One of my favorite things about Bellevue is that people honor the flag and the military here.  Obviously that might have something to do with Offutt Air Force Base, but that’s okay by me.  I like the Veteran’s Day parade (and the Aeros to Areospace one).  I like that most of my neighbors have an American flag flying.  I like seeing a jet come in for a landing over my head.  Oh, and don’t get me started about how I stalk the Air Show from my deck!  I also really like the old guy down the street who trained people to survive in hostile territories.  I like that nobody really cares about your nationality because there’s a little bit of everything here because people have been all over the world and skin color is the least of their concern.


I’m also gonna miss Haworth Park.  I love that I can get that close to the Missouri.  I love the view on a snowy day, on a foggy day, on a warm sunrise morning, or the view of the bridge at nightfall.  Some of my favorite pictures have come from there.


And believe it or not, I’m going to miss my sense of anonymity.  Yeah, I’m a Cheers “Where everybody knows your name” kind of girl in most situations (that’s one of the many reasons we are moving home), but then there’s that other feeling of being safely tucked away in your house with a blanket and a nap in your future on a Saturday afternoon that really can’t be beat.  And believe me, nobody’s knocking on our door in Bellevue.  Not even a Girl Scout cookie salesman.


But I will miss this house.  It was our first house.  Our first “we-really-are-adults” purchase.  Sure, there are plenty of things that could be upgraded, but it’s the home that we have shared for 10 years, the home we brought our baby home to, and the home I decorated the way I wanted it with the pennies we had at the time.  And don’t think for one second I won’t miss my bathroom wall complete with The Brady Bunch and Julia Child smashing nuts. lol.


And, of course, there’s one other building I will miss.  It might surprise some people, but I will miss Logan Middle School.  I have spent pretty much my entire adulthood going to that building and meeting some pretty special people in my life and some pretty impressive kids that became amazing adults.  Because that’s what it comes down to – the people.  I’m gonna miss the best daycare provider ever!  I’m gonna miss being a few minutes away from my walking partner.  I’m gonna miss my taxi service crew.  I’m gonna miss the lunch ladies that sing to me, and I’m gonna miss the me that has all those crazy memories.


But that’s okay.  I’m glad there will be something to miss.  And those people – well, I will make time for the ones that understood exactly why I’m leaving even when there’s all those things I will miss.  They’re the ones I will take with me, even if I have to cross the river to see them.


Change is hard for me, but I’m ready.  So thanks, Bellevue, for the memories, but there’s a little house in a little town waiting for me and my little family…






RIP Prince

RIP Prince

I know it’s true. I continue to see it – Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and now Prince. The true geniuses leave our world too early. They make a defining exit. But while others will be mourning in Purple Rain, I won’t be. I never liked When Doves Cry or Purple Rain. Yes, you can tell me that’s sacrilege. You can tell me I’m not a true fan. You can tell me I’m not a child of the 80’s, but you’d be wrong. I liked him for the fun. And for that, I will only speak of fun!



Prince made me smile.



Although I shook my head a LOT, it still made me smile that he wore more make-up than me, higher heels than me, and more ruffles than me, but damn, could he sing!



At 12:01am January 1, 2000, I smiled when I finished screaming Party Like it’s 1999 at the top of my lungs standing in Arthur’s bar alive and having survived Y2K with friends I still have today.



I smiled when I called him Tafkap. For every lawsuit he won with tafkap or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and every joke I made about it, I loved him more.



I smiled when I realized he was a Minnesotan and neighboring Midwesterner willing to put on free concerts for his “homies” at Paisley Park. Midwesterner nice, baby!



For every song on his greatest hits album that I car-danced to in my little white tank top in my 20’s, I smiled for all the truck drivers to see and l loved him more.



I smiled when I blasted Peach in my car bouncing my way home from work to my single apartment with its dirty words and feel-good-about-yourself beat.



As a mom learning to say “sheesh” and “dang it” instead of what I really want to say, I still worship his way with words. For every dirty lyric, I loved him more and smiled more.



Truly, it makes me smile every time Raspberry Beret comes on the Oldies station despite the fact that it makes me old and despite the fact that I know I will have to fight my non-Prince-loving husband that I married in spite of that tidbit of info.



And to this day, I smile when I hear (and, of course, sing poorly) Little Red Corvette because I have flashbacks to staying up late to hear it on the radio on the Top 10 at 10 so I could tape it on my recordable cassette tape.



But mostly, I smile because after having been unable to get my mind focused enough to start blogging again, the words came out on the paper for a man who, even in his death, managed to inspire me.



I smile because Prince would have wanted me to.



Thank you, Prince, for that.   And thank you for leaving a mark on my youth.



There will never be another like you…





Got any fave Prince songs I missed? Got any stories of things you associate with Prince? Want to argue my points (go ahead, but I’m always right)? Let’s hear what you have to say. It’s been too long since I did.

Let’s see a show of hands.  Who’s misplaced their car keys, their kids, or their cell phone this week?   Figured.   Let me assure you that you are not alone.  Half the time, I can’t even remember where I parked my car ten minutes ago!  I hate it when that happens!  And there’s nothing worse than wanting to kick your own ass!

Do you have lists on every cabinet, post-it notes on your keys and steering wheel, or cell phone reminders that beep every 22.5 seconds it seems like?  Or is it too much work to even set all those things up to try to remember what you were supposed to do because, after all, it’s not like you won’t remember to turn off the oven, put the next load of laundry in, pick up your son at T-ball, or pay the mortgage?  I know.  Damn it.  I think the same thing every time.  Oh, no, I’ll remember.   Who needs Siri? No need to worry…and then about 4:30am I wake up in a panic realizing I totally blew it off.  I have friends who’ve forgotten their dog was in their car till they went to feed it and realized it wasn’t coming to its bowl.  And how many of you know somebody whose family member backed into another family member’s vehicle because they forgot it was there?  Uh-huh.

It’s baffling to me how we can’t remember to drop off the dry cleaning sitting in the passenger’s side seat next to us, but we can remember Tommy stealing our Snoopy watch in 2nd grade.  Seriously.  I read a book last week and it mentioned strawberry shampoo and I instantly had a flashback to the Redken strawberry shampoo my sister used to buy for me when I was in the single digits.  I remember that, but I cannot tell you what I ate for supper last night.  I know some people who can make a frittata from scratch…without the recipe, but can’t remember to purchase new, clean underwear.  Yeah, that makes sense.

Why is it that we cannot block out the image of our ex-boyfriend kissing our best friend or the smell of pig crap on a hot day, but our wedding day is a blur and our password for iTunes is lost in the blithering inferno of our brains?  It’s fascinating to me that something can trigger us to think of Aunt Martha’s pink bathroom (complete with pink toilet paper) that stunk of cheap perfume, Kleenex (Kleenex?  How does one notice the scent of tissues?  But I get it.  It’s just “there.”), and a puff of powder, but I’ll be damned if I can come up with the door code for my workplace.  Or what about when you go to the grocery store to get milk and bread, and you come home with milk, diet cola, a rotisserie chicken, and gum, but no bread?  Man, that pisses me off.  Memory is a wicked, wicked witch sometimes.

It’s one of those funny things that can come and go without logic.  (I’m sure there’s a completely scientific reason for this, but if you were looking for that, you really need to be friends with someone else!)  And whether or not I can explain it, isn’t the issue.  The issue is: how are you going to get out of being in trouble for not picking up the hot dogs for the BBQ or wishing your best friend a Happy Birthday on the proper day?  The way I look at it, when you forget something crucial, you have a few options for blame.  So when in doubt, I recommend one of the following excuses.  No one can blame you if you plead:

  • I  was drunk.  There’s absolutely no possible way you could expect me to recall that!
  • I was completely wiped out.  I’d been up since 4 and was going on a sum total of 3 hours of sleep.  Don’t look at me.
  • I’m old.  I’d rather not be, but I don’t exactly have control of that whole aging process thing.  So forgive me for my sins.
  • I am completely stressed out.  I have 2 big projects at work, the yard needs mown, the kids have practice at 5, 7, and 8:30, and at some point, I’m supposed to actually feed people.
  • Have you met my family?  Need I say more?  You wouldn’t have any brain power left either.

Those are some basic go-tos I feel you can use in any circumstance.  They pretty much cover everything, right?  And if they don’t, well, I’m pretty sure we can make you forget all about it.  Wanna a cookie?