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The Blessed Turkey Project Year 5!

The Blessed Turkey Project Year 5!

Elections: ick. No shave November: ew.  Thanksgiving: yum!  Black Friday: woo-hoo!  The Blessed Turkey Project:  yes, please!  November brings lots of things, but, for me, one of the most important is that of giving thanks.  This year especially, I have been spending lots of time worrying about what I need to accomplish and what lies ahead and a lot less time remembering how lucky I truly am.  So what am I going to do about it?  I’m going to spend some time focusing on others and less time obsessing about my crap.  Hence, my love of one of my favorite things about November:  The Blessed Turkey Project.


Are you a blessed turkey?  Were you one last year?  Do you wanna be one this year?  Do you even know what one is?


A blessed turkey knows they’ve got it good.  They know that there will always be bad people in the world, but they don’t want to be one of them.  Maybe they conveniently forget how lucky they are when they get mixed up in the drama of the daily grind, but when they really think about it, they realize how much they have to be grateful for.  I’m a blessed turkey, and I want to welcome you to join my Blessed Turkey Project.


For the month of November, I want to see my Facebook newsfeed filled with glad tidings.  Every day till Thanksgiving, post a note, a picture, a cartoon, or whatever comes to your mind of something or someone you are thankful to have in your life.  It’s easier than you think, and it doesn’t have to be all mushy-gushy or philosophical.  Say you’re thankful for your mocha latte or your furnace or your best friend’s sister’s husband who killed the opossum that was hanging around your barn.  (I know.  Those are the real-life dramas right there!)  Say whatever you have to say, but be thankful for what you’ve been given.  You can do so on your own personal Facebook page and then tag The Blessed Turkey Project or you can just post on the The Blessed Turkey Project wall.  Whatever you want.


If you want to be an overachiever, I will post ways you can do so throughout the month (but don’t feel obligated).  Do as much, or as little, as you want.  If you join the party at all, you’ll still be a blessed turkey in my eyes..



Even if you haven’t participated in my project, maybe you’ve said what you were thankful for each day on Facebook as part of some other group.  Yay you!  I am all for being thankful no matter what you call it, but I hope you consider taking time to join my party. Why?


*Because I’m sure you have a shortage of things to do on your to-do list! LOL


*Because I’m going to bribe you with prizes and feel-good moments others will envy! (true story actually)


*Because you are a good former Girl Scout/Boy Scout/4-Her/Catholic school goer or whatever that made you loyal to a cause or doing good!


*Because who doesn’t need an excuse to celebrate good times???


*Because “you’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Go have a Coke and enjoy that song in your head the rest of the day. J


*But seriously, come join the party and invite your friends because there’s no greater feeling than realizing you are surrounding yourself with the right people and that there’s far more good in this world than bad if we just look a little closer.



I can’t make it any clearer than that. If you’re sick of your newsfeed being recipes, complaints, or election talk, come over to the good side with us. Participate every day. Participate once a week. Participate when you can. It costs nothing and will make you feel good. I promise.


Post the things and people you are thankful for. Do a few good deeds along the way and tell us about them. Just be a voyeur and snoop on what the rest of us are doing, that’s fine, too. Just show up. We’ll leave a smile on for you.


Finally, it’s my 5 year anniversary of the annual Blessed Turkey Project. Thanks to all of you who’ve been there along the way. And thanks to all of you who are coming on board. I’ve got a few things up my sleeve for the anniversary, hope you’re ready! J


Go here to participate:





Any advice for new-timers? Excited and wanting to shout it from the rooftops? Let’s hear what you have to say!


I’m a turkey.  He’s a turkey.  Wouldn’t ya like to be a turkey, too?  (Are you singing it like the Dr. Pepper commercial?  Or was that only in my head?)  Okay, so I up and decided to start a “thing” in honor of Thanksgiving.  (Okay, so maybe I ripped off a similar idea, but it was a good one.)
It started because last week I was the lucky person in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I was absolutely scared out of my mind only to realize hours later how easy my life is compared to so many others.  In fact, I’m one blessed bitch!  But seeing as how it’s Thanksgiving and all, it didn’t seem right to go with the Blessed Bitch Project – it sounded a little too much like the Blair Witch Project which just makes me dizzy.  So… anyway, it occurred to me that one of my favorite old-skool slang phrases from The Facts of Life was “Hey Turkey!”  For some reason, it just seems a little more polite than the 2012 version of “Hey Asshole!”  And, well, there’s that whole Thanksgiving turkey thing, too.  So I went with it.  I started the Blessed Turkey Project.
Now, I’m not telling you all of this to brag.  I’m telling you because I think you should be a turkey, too!  If you’re as lucky as I am, I think you should shout it from the rooftops or at least from your little posting site on facebook! lol.  Everyday between now and Thanksgiving, make your status about something, someone, or a situation you’re thankful for or blessed to have.  Be serious or be funny.  It can be a note or a picture or a graphic or whatever else your brilliant mind comes up with, but I think you should do it.  (And by “it,” I mean the project.  You can do “it,” too, but just not on my watch please.)  Tell the world why it rocks to be you!  (I know it may not always, but it’s better than scooping dogshit outta Hong Kong, right?)
Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?  I’m pretty sure you can handle it.  Plus, if you want me to go all Oprah Winfrey on you I could tell you that by finding gratitude for what’s good in your life, you will be happier and have a better attitude.  (I’m still waiting on that attitude adjustment, but whatever.) The bottom line is that so many of us forget how lucky we are to have a house, a job, food to eat, and family.  Now that’s not to say we haven’t worked for it, it’s just to say that we have it, and it’s not something to be taken for granted.  But enough of my preaching.
I’m a lucky turkey.  Blessed actually.  And I’m gonna celebrate it with my feathers in the air:  loud and proud!  Wanna be part of my rowdy gang?  Then come party with the rest of the rafter!  Click here to join up:


 Are you having the same concerns I am? Have you noticed it, too? All I can figure is that my newsfeed on facebook must have a virus! Otherwise there’s no possible explanation for why all the posts went from

“Damn those crazy drivers on Highway 6!” and

“5am is an unfit time for humans to be awake let alone functioning!”


“Oh, what a beautiful sunrise. I am so thankful I can see it!” and

“I love my husband for picking up the kids today after work, that’s something to be thankful for.”

Somehow, someway, things have completely gone haywire on my facebook updates! How is one supposed to adjust from cussing to glory hallelujahs????

Okay, I know. I’m being completely facetious. Props to all of you who are doing the “I am thankful” challenge. I have mad respect for people who can always find the brighter side to the story. I’m just sayin’ that it’s starting to feel a little like Oprah around here! Next thing I know you all will be carrying your little notebooks around writing happy thoughts! And, quite honestly, I don’t know if the world can take it!

However, I also can’t wait to see the progression from Day 1 to 30. Seems to me everybody started off with their sunshine and roses and happy little comments about spouses and children and parents, but how will it end? I mean, will it start to get hard by the end of the month? Will you be thankful for your car, your teddy bear when you were 4, or disposable diapers? I’m just thinking that with these big grand gestures of thankfulness to begin with, how can you top it each day? And if you can, I think I want your life! Lol.

Of course, I also secretly wonder if there are people out there who are telling the real truth of the matter. I mean, most of the people on my newsfeed who are doing the “thankful” challenge are genuinely nice people who normally have sincere, sweet thoughts, but what about the rest of us? I’m just gonna put it out there that we all are not saintly. I mean, I’m waiting for a couple of my guy friends to just break it out there with:

-I’m thankful for porn.

-I’m thankful for UFC fighting championships. There’s nothing I like better than guys beating the shit out of other guys.

-I’m thankful that even though I’m 35 years old, my mother still does my laundry.

-I’m thankful for beer because it tastes good and it makes me forget all the shitty things in my life so I can have a good time.

-I’m thankful I have my big screen TV so I can watch sports while my wife makes lunch.

-I’m thankful for every girl who let me see her naked, well, except for the 93 year old who flashed me at the nursing home, but we aren’t going to talk about that ever again!

Don’t tell me those aren’t the things most guys are really thankful for. I know they are! And honestly, I’m not much better. Sure I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my job, my house, and my car, but folks, I am damn thankful for my DVR and I am not afraid to admit it! Hell, yeah!

I’m also thankful for shirts that have V-necks but don’t suck to my flab, my blanket that I use to take naps on the couch, and that I don’t have to sit in close proximity to the woman I met yesterday with the big hair and the old lady perfume that people in Texas could probably smell from here. Listen, this is how my world works. Some people may be all lollipops and unicorns, but I am quite content with chocolate chip cookies and cattle. Mine might be a slanted view, but I’ll go out on a limb and bet I won’t be alone out there. So when my facebook post comes up with “I’m thankful for being able to pay other people to dust for me and that on the 8th day God created bacon and my summer vacation” don’t be too surprised when everybody likes my status. I’ll like yours, too, simply because I’m a big fan of being grateful, but don’t think I’m not calling you a goody-goody when you say thank you for your mother-in-law and I promise not to be hateful when you make it to November 30 and all you have left to be thankful for is macaroni and cheese or neon shoestrings.

But look at it this way, you can always admit you’re thankful for porn. Lol.


P.S. – I am very thankful for my loyal readers and my even more loyal readers who share my blog to add to my fan base. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m pretty lucky that I have more than 30 days worth of things to be thankful for.