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Neighbors and Friends
National Good Neighbor Day – Sept. 28

We moved back to Oakland to have neighbors again.  Growing up, I knew every neighbor.  In fact, I was related to some, and the others weren’t surprised if I showed up unannounced!  When we moved back, we wanted Ellen to be able to play with neighbor kids and for us to know our neighbors.  Choosing to live on a cul de sac was our best move.  However, our neighbors might disagree! Lol.

Truth be told, our daughter has helped us meet lots of people, like the night Ellen decided to take off from Jason when he had three broken toes.  She saw a neighbor’s garage door open, made a break for it, got through the door into their house and headed for the furthest point in their basement.  Nothing like being the new neighbors and knocking on someone’s door to say our kid’s in your house!  Our only hope was there were no guns, snakes, or fornicating teenagers in it.  Pretty sure there wasn’t!  But we sure do know how to make a first impression! Many embarrassing stories later, we have met almost all of our neighbors!  Of course, there were a few who already knew us!  Bless their hearts for letting the sale go through. 🙂

Point of all this:  September 28 is National Good Neighbor Day. 

The Riverside Links group is encouraging everyone to take part.  What does that mean?  Well, it means go next door and invite the neighbors over for tea, beer, or supper.  It means taking some flowers to the elderly lady who doesn’t get out much.  It means having a block party in the middle of the street for your kids to paint kindness rocks.  It means setting a 7pm chat time and maybe bribe one of the neighbors to make brownies.  It means removing the giant branch for the couple that can’t physically do it.  It means s’mores on the deck with the family next door.  It basically means whatever you want it to mean as long as you are actually talking to or doing something nice for your neighbors!  Acknowledgement makes communities strong!  And I’m not just talking here, I’m talking wherever you live in the world!

Listen, we are all so busy and it’s so easy to wave hellos and good-byes and to never even talk to a person you live 100 feet from.  I’m not judging.  I am equally as guilty, but I’m pretty pumped to get this going!  It’s like May Day but in September! 🙂  And if you know me, you know I love May Day – treats, friends, and something a little unexpected!

Seriously, when we moved back, all I wanted was that home town feeling for my kid.  When we got here, Dick and Leslie realized we were in over our heads and mowed our yard for us.  Jamie and Jill invited us for supper.  My family and Jason’s unloaded boxes and more boxes.  Jen brought us possibly the greatest bars ever! Magaly and Josh offered my daughter a chance to play on their trampoline whenever she wanted.  Jodi and Tim gave me stuff for our nephew who was getting his first apartment. Kaitlin gave Ellen toys she’d outgrown and the stories go on…  And I chatted with my neighbor in the ‘burbs one every year…maybe.

It’s easy to take a neighbor for granted.  It’s not so easy to get good ones.  I hope you take a minute or twenty or more out of your day next Thursday to make it a day to remember.  It will be worth it:

 “As our Nation struggles to build friendship among the peoples of this world, we are mindful that the noblest human concern is concern for others. Understanding, love and respect build cohesive families and communities.” – Former Pres. Jimmy Carter

Isn’t that what we want for all of us?



And if you do something fabulous (which I know some of you will), please drop by and comment here.  We’d love to hear, or share on Facebook and tag the Riverside Links or me. 🙂  Got some other suggestions for what people could do?  Tell us!


So we are officially two weeks into living in our hometown again after 25 years in the ‘burbs. It’s kinda weird, but I’ve already realized a few of the reasons we are back on home turf, more than just raising our little girl in a small town and being close to the fam.


First off, I went to the locker in Hancock on Saturday, got me some dried beef and Colby cheese, drove back, went to Dollar General or “DG” as the locals call it lol, got my hooks to hold my hairdryer and was back home in a shorter amount of time than it would have taken me to even drive to Target, let alone shop and drive home! Oh, the efficiency! Yay!


Secondly, I’m outside Sunday trying to lasso my child back into the house when my former, I know better than to call her old, English teacher shows up at our door to welcome us home. Can I just mention how sweet that is? Now, I’m sure she has a few ulterior motives, but I’m game.


Third, a couple of nights ago, I had an actual conversation with my neighbors IN THEIR HOUSE! I have not hung out with neighbors just to shoot the sh** since I was in college. I feel like I should show up at their house with Domino’s pizza and Bahama Mama (if I could even find it) to celebrate!


Fourth, I went to pull out of my very soggy driveway yesterday morning and see a guy using a flashlight to look around on the ground in the cul de sac. No need to panic! As I suspected, he was simply gathering nightcrawlers! I love living in a place where people put a priority on fishing! Yes, ma’am.


Finally, I won some silent auction items at a Relay for Life event a couple of months ago in which I got babysitters for 3-hour blocks. I texted the first one this week to see if she might be available this weekend and she was! And she even sounded excited to babysit for us! Dude, if you have ever had a 2-year-old you know how damn happy that can make a person!


PS – we will be attending the Betterment Committee’s Murder Mystery Theater Saturday night if you’re interested, go here to buy tickets!


Seriously though, I will be honest and tell you that after it has rained every day for the entire time we have lived there and commuting, I was starting to have reservations… Starting to doubt my decision to load up and haul my hubby and baby out of the city. I may, or may not have, had a few meltdowns along the way, but I know in my heart, I was meant to be back home. Bon Jovi and I, we know these things. So here’s to my discovering even more great reasons to be home and here’s to all of you who continue to put up with me no matter where I live. Love you guys.




What great things have you realized once you moved? Or is there something you really love about small towns or the ‘burbs that you want to share? Are you mid-life-changes and got advice for me? Bring it on!


Will you be my friend? 

Yes, I truly think that might be the weeniest thing ever said.  Who wants to be a pansy and put themselves out there like that?  And who wants to be needy?  I’m no octo-mom.

But whether I want to or not, I’m doing it.

Will you be my friend?

I’m asking because writing is one of those things that depends on other people actually reading it.  And I need you.  A friend of mine told me that I needed to spell it out for everyone because I’m normally not a person people consider might need help.  (Okay, mentally:  possibly, but not beyond that!)

If you know me very well, you know that I hate to ask for help, or anything else for that matter:  directions, advice, more dessert, etc.  So you have to know that the last thing I want to do is ask you to help me out, but all the writing gurus tell me I need a tribe:  a group of people to back me up and spread the word.

This next week is my 3 year anniversary of being a blogger.  Although my stats are better, I have a long way to go.  (and a short time to get there…Sorry, I can’t not sing that.  Go, Bandit, go.)  So here I am asking for your assistance.  All I ask is that you read my blog.  If you want to share it, too, I’d be more than thankful.  If you want to follow it and have an email sent every time I do a new blog, that would be fab, too.  Or if you want to tell somebody at work that they need to get up in my blog (did that sound better than grill?), I’d be thrilled with that, as well.  What I need is people talking about me.  (Please note my terror and flashbacks of all the rumors once spread.  Ug.)

Now, I know that when you ask for help, you better be willing to return the favor.  The writing gurus also insist that I need to offer or provide you with something.  I’ve considered that aspect a lot.  I can’t offer you money.  I don’t have it to offer.  I’ll gladly bribe you with brownies but only if you live close enough for me to deliver.  (I can’t afford the postal service either.)  I’m terrible at arts and crafts.  I refuse to clean.  I’d offer to do your laundry but ew!  I’ll gladly take your picture and I’ll put it on facebook for sure! (ha ha)  However, I’m not traveling a bajillion miles to do so, so… I guess that leaves the only free, non-distance-restraining option:  I will try to always provide you with words full of humor, a small town girl outlook, opinions and advice (whether you want them or not), and hopefully a happy ending (but not that kind, boys).

AND… there’s more!

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do (like shaving her legs or buying new underwear to avoid doing laundry).  So I decided instead of putting 1 and 1 together to make 2, I’d just make 1 … if consolidation’s good enough for my hometown (Go Riverside!), then it’s good enough for me.  I’m putting my advice blog and humor blogs together so that I can offer you the Sam’s Club bulk-sized version with double the blogs and double the fun!

So there it is.  I left it all out on the court.  Will you be my friend?  Will you be part of my tribe?  Will you never comment on this needy moment again?  Lol.  Think about it.

And whether you do or you don’t, you’re still my friend (unless you take the last brownie, and then we’re gonna have words)!


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If you’d like to share it with friends, I’ll love you forever. Thanks!

And a big thank you to all who’ve helped me even get this far!

thanks to the pastor who wrote this on his twitter account.

Every once in awhile, those mushy moments hit when somebody says the right words at the right moment and it makes you feel a little less like a pile of shit in a world of superstars.  I’ve had 2 of those epiphanies myself this week.  One happened when I read one of those fab ecards that everybody posts on their Pinterest and Facebook accounts:  Quit comparing your behind-the-scenes to everybody else’s highlight reels.  No shit.  Brilliant thought.  Will I follow it?  Highly unlikely.  Too logical and too good for my self-esteem I suppose. Lol.  Will I try to follow it?  Certainly.  Should you follow it? Yes…unless you’re one of those cocky sumbitches that comes up with songs like Don’t you Wish your Girlfriend was Hot like Me?  In which case, to quote Happy Days:  Put a sock in it!

Anyway, I can’t help but think that we all need those moments.  Those thoughts that make us feel a little bit better in a crazy world where we try to keep up with the Jones or out-do the Christian PTA lawyer mom wearing high heels and toting five boys to the soccer field or the Armani-suited CEO carrying flowers for his wife.  Listen, it ain’t easy to believe the best in ourselves or feel loved and wanted.  There are too many people in this world that don’t have time for us.  Everybody’s too busy shuffling their kids to practice, working 2 extra hours at work, or running a marathon to stay healthy.  Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to send some love to the people around us who need it and sometimes, we’re those same people who need to feel the love.

As I said earlier, I had 2 moments this week.  The second  came when an important person in my life made the comment that she knew  I had always known I was different, I had just made the mistake of assuming it was a bad thing instead of a good thing.  In 30-some years, that thought had never occurred to me, but you know what?  In some back-asswards way, it made me feel a helluva lot better that day.  So since I’m feeling the love this week, you should, too.

Ten little wishes I wish for you this gorgeous weekend:


10. I wish you cold beers (or wine if you’re one of those sophisticated types) and good conversations on a low-stress night.


9.  I wish you the ability to see your success and people that don’t take you for granted.


8.  I wish you Reese’s peanut butter cup cupcakes and milk.


7.  I wish you the chance at your own form of Olympic victories.


6.  I wish you fabulous date nights and full nights of sleep with the windows open.


5.  I wish you ladies’ or guys’ nights out with talk of old times that make you smile.


4.  I wish you great hair days or lookin’-trim-in the mirror feelings.


3.  I wish you outings that make you notice the perfect weather, a warm glow, and a soak-in-the-atmosphere view.


2.  I wish you some Christian Gray-kind-of action scenes.


1.  And most of all, I wish you non-shitty situations!


So there, I said it…  My sappy little piece of wishing you well… Go off and be happy, damn it!  Oh, and I’ll see ya next week.  Same time.  Same bat-shit crazy channel.

-Laters, baby!