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I don’t know about you, but I love a parade!  Seriously.  What’s not to love?  Cool cars, fancy floats, free stuff flying through the air at you!  Oh yeah!  We need more parades in the world. Parades make people happy.  Why do you think Disney throws one every night? Lol.

There are a lot of plusses for everyone.  My kid loves seeing everything bright and moving, and, of course, running for candy.  Business owners should love them because people are front and center and I truly think there’s no better form of advertising!  And I love them because people are happy and celebrating and flying toilet paper or koozies come at me – I’m in!  Pretty much rockstar, in my opinion.

I really wanted to do a float or maybe a cow or a tractor or something to sway more readers to my blog this year at the 4th of July parade in Oakland.  I did that once for a 4-H project for my dad’s farm – we actually had one of my heifers on a parade float one year – needless to say, she was damn tame and a good sport.  Looking back, I can’t really believe we did it.  Still a proud moment!

So I really did want to do a float because I love when people participate and contribute. Not only does it sound fun, but I mean it when I say it’s the best advertising!  However, my husband convinced me that maybe this was the year to watch my kid run for candy and get paid to take pictures of the parade instead, but I’ll be ready for next year!  So since I’m not going to, I’m gonna encourage the rest of you to! Lol.  There’s still time – a golf cart, a hayrack, an inflatable dinosaur costume, or even a fainting goat would be fun.  There’s money to be made!  No entry fee and they’re paying 3 places in each category.  Come on!

Need inspiration?  I loved P’Nut’s Plumbing throwing toilet paper.  Hysterical!  I loved the big, round haybale painted into a pig last year at the Carson Rodeo parade.  I loved the giant eagle float Tammi Shellburg did one year for Oakland.  And, one year, the swimming pool used water guns and pool noodles for a float.  Yes, people remember this stuff!

But if that’s not your wheelhouse or if you have nothing to promote (Do those people exist?), please just show up!  I love 4th of July in Oakland because I see people I never get to see otherwise!  And I love community and people talking to each other and liking each other and making this a fabulous place to live.  Check out the list of stuff to do – there really is something for everyone!  Golf, pancakes, trivia, a parade, fireworks, and more – so worth showing up for!

I mean it. These are the days we moved home for.  I want our daughter to know this life.  I want her to see the good people balancing work and life and fun, and I want her to know there’s no place like home…because, there really isn’t…

Happy 4th of July week, everybody!

I’ll be looking for you over pancakes or on parade floats!  Don’t let me down.  🙂


We all know what this week is!  It isn’t hard to find good when you’re staring in the face of the 4th of July weekend!  It’s one of those weekends where you instantly think water, drinks, sun, grilling, and friends.  Maybe not necessarily in that order!


As Independence Day approaches, I can’t help but appreciate the people who go the extra mile.  Like these people that decided to take their mailbox décor up a notch!  LOVE it!

Of course, I also love the banners on the decks and the red, white, and blue Adirondack chairs and the tinsel ropes!  I love people who go above and beyond for a holiday! (I’m not one of them currently! Lol, but maybe again someday!)


But let’s talk what I’m even more excited about:  the town festivities.  Here’s the deal.  City people always ask why you live in a small town.  I think 4th of July is the epitome of why one lives in a small town.  There’s a parade.  There’s free food for breakfast and for supper.  There’s fun activities going on, sponsored by tons of different people that love our town enough to volunteer their time!  There’s somebody selling sweet corn on the side of the road.  There’s grills and parties and family gatherings.  There’s fireworks and lawn chairs and people sharing sun tan lotion and bug spray and pools and slip and slides and tubing on the river or at the quarry.  I don’t know how you can’t be happy when all that is in your grasp.


And truth be told, I’m hoping to see a few people this 4th of July.  We moved home and everybody works a lot.  We have become a society of workers and ball game watchers.  Those sure aren’t bad qualities, but I love it when we all get a day off (hopefully) to talk to each other and catch up.  Like I’ve always said, I’ll never pass up a holiday!


So get your wieners out!  Put ‘em on the grill.  Slather on the sun tan lotion.  Fire up the sprinkler.  Grab a beverage and a koozie and check out the schedule.  If not in my town, find one nearby.  And then blab about how much fun it was on Facebook!  Put the all “in” in INdependence Day!



Got a schedule for your home town you’d like to share?  Let’s see it!  Got a good 4th of July party story?  Let’s hear it!  Thinking you might be here to celebrate with me Oakland? Let me know!

4th of July is one of those interesting birds. We blow things up. We eat anything grilled. We sit curbside in our bag chairs made of patriotic fabric to watch fire engines and tractors and clowns that throw candy. Some might question the tie-in to independence, but the way I figure it our founding fathers were probably typical boys just like the ones we are all married to now. And what boy doesn’t like setting things on fire, over-eating, and loud, expensive vehicles? I bet even in the days of Yore, Franklin would say, “Did thou see my ox-kicking ride out there?” And what do you want to bet that Hancock was a big fan of a large sausage in a bun? Perhaps Jefferson even said, “Meet the Cannon Martha 45. Can you believe the smoke she puts out? Worse than when I forget to bring in wood for the wife’s fire place!” See, I guess it’s apropos. It’s that whole “boys will be boys” thing.

The best part about 4th of July is that it has a gender-neutral-likability factor. Who doesn’t like a parade and an excuse to have a day off work and a reason to hang out with friends or family? Sure, the guys are probably a little more excited about playing with fire and making loud noises beyond squealing out of the in-laws’ driveway after 3 hours of family bonding, but women get to watch the pretty colors in the sky as their men show off their pyro tectonics. Now, that may have sounded a little chauvinistic, but I don’t know about you but there’s no need to get too close when my hubs has a lighter!  Yet, it isn’t just about fireworks. Everybody likes to eat! In fact, some women (unlike me) can actually shove their husbands outside with a beer, some tongs, and a large amount of meat which means no mess in the kitchen and no dishes to do. No slaving over a turkey or making mashed potatoes and ain’t nothing wrong with throwing a hot dog on a paper plate and calling it good. And you get to wolf down hamburgers, corn-on-the-cob, that American flag Cool Whip cake, snow cones, cotton candy, bomb pops, and an American-brewed beer. How is that not a victory for everyone???

Being an American on 4th of July weekend rocks! Not only do we get to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but we get to celebrate a holiday where tank tops and flip-flops are completely expected and acceptable? To make it even easier, if it’s red, white, blue or some combination of such, you’re golden (ha ha). This holiday may not have presents, but it does involve a lot of lily-white, fat-bellied bearded men. Of course, we all know tan fat looks better than white fat so hopefully, they slap on some sunscreen and rectify the situation! Thank goodness for summer. No one questions your back fat, your lack of Prada, or your fashion statement John McEnroe headband. Slap some Harlem Globetrotter shorts on and people consider you an All-American, not a giant dork with manpris (my theory on men’s shorts the length of female capris). Add an Uncle Sam/Cat in the Hat Hat and you’re off to the races. If by races, you mean frog-leaping contests, little kid tractor pulls, or egg on a spoon Olympics.

Here in the Midwest, we’re all about the knee-high by the 4th of July, the American flag flying in the gusting 45 mph winds, and saluting an American soldier, especially if he’s in full uniform when it’s 100 effing degrees outside. So kick back in your lawn chair with your beer or Bartles and James wine cooler circa 1988 and get ready to say, “Ooo” and “Ahh!” as the tissue-papered watermelon float goes by and the missile attack artillery fires. Those are the best declarations in town. So crank up your Springsteen and be glad you were born in the USA!