Humorous thoughts on adulthood – thank goodness for chocolate, drinks, friends, and duck tape!

Next stop: unemployment line or millionaire podcaster of cattle conversations?


So what do you want to be when you grow up?  I didn’t think I’d be asking myself that in my 40’s, but here we are!  Now, the reasonable answer is: happy.  When I allow myself to be, I truly am.  But beyond that, I want to do something in my wheelhouse.  Do you ever feel that way?  That it’s just time to do something else with your life?

Teaching has been good to me.  Hopefully, I’ve been good to a lot of people along the way.  Hopefully, I’ve helped some figure out a few things, but I have watched that Steve Harvey video a million times and, my friends, it’s time to jump as you probably saw in one of my earlier blogs.

So what do I jump to?  I think a lot of people have that run through their minds and it’s what keeps them at the job they are currently doing.  I have to admit it is completely intimidating.  How do you get the stars to align so that what you’re qualified for, what you enjoy doing, and what you can fit into your schedule all work together?  It’s nearly impossible I would guess, but that’s me – always wanting the impossible. Lol.

So as I ponder where the next leg of my trip will take me, I’ve considered these options:

  • Do I go back to school to be an interior designer or an event planner? Well, I would have to sell myself to get business.  If you know me, that’s not my forte.


  • I’d really like to invent medicinal cookies for kids. Chocolate chip cookies that mask the flavor and are filled with all that crappy medicine they have to take.  Okay, let’s face it, I’m not that skilled so if you steal my idea, please give me 1% when you’re rich and on Shark Tank.


  • I’d love to have a Holiday Inn – you know the ancient Bing Crosby movie – I’d provide outings for holidays and be free the rest of the year. I know how to make a holiday special. I promise you that!  Forget Vala’s. Hello BC’s.


  • I’ve thought of running a basket business for those gifting times that you don’t quite know what to do like when someone’s ex-husband dies or your best friend’s cat is chosen to be in a commercial. Awkward is my specialty. However, I think shipping would be a bitch.


  • I have always wanted to be a greeting card writer, but I’m not sure it would pay the big bucks I need to keep my munchkin in Nike shoes.


  • My best shot might actually be a copy writer/content creator. My only worry is who will hire me when my knowledge base focuses on cattle, cussing, middle schoolers, and crazy families?  Just sayin’.


  • Now, truth be told, it goes without saying, that I have to admit the real job I’ve always wanted. I understand it’s not mine to be had, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve always wanted to be a trophy wife.  There, I said it.  But since that isn’t happening, I need to figure out what my purpose really is.  Part of me thinks it’s probably some job I’ve never heard of because my childhood was sans internet.  Yes, I’m really that old.


So stay tuned.  We’ll see where this road takes me, and here’s hoping it isn’t the unemployment line and my couch with a bucket of ice cream.


Any advice for me?  Any ideas?  Other comments?  I’m listening.

Toddler mom happiness – can you put that on a stick and make it calorie-less?

Wove you, too!

Wove you, too!

No, I promise it won’t happen every time, but it is going to happen, and you’re gonna have to put up with my “mom” moments.  Sometimes, I contemplate life as a mom, something I really never expected to be.  As a mom of a toddler, my perspective has completely changed.  Props to anybody who can handle more than one.  I hear that whole man-to-man vs. zone defense, and it makes me queasy.  I’d be in a wealth of trouble.  But let me tell you what makes a mom of a toddler happy (well, at least this mom of a toddler):

  • A long, hot shower uninterrupted. OMG! I need not say anymore.


  • Someone babysitting your kid and texting you that they are running a little late in dropping off your child so you have a few extra minutes before they get home. That’s like a Christmas gift wrapped up with thousands of dollars in it!


  • As a toddler parent, I am surprising excited about shopping for the next size. There’s probably nothing cuter than little kid clothes – they’re colorful, they’re fun, and they don’t have to fit YOU!


  • They would love to hear, “Oh, I am so sorry. My kid never slept either and we were so worried because he hit everyone at daycare and embarrassed us in public.”  Nobody wants to hear about how perfect someone else’s kid was and is when theirs is clearly NOT!


  • Another thing a toddler parent wants to hear: “Oh, your child is so well-behaved! You must be doing a great job!”  For the record, I have never heard this statement and probably never will, but I know I’d love to hear it as long as it were true.


  • Oh, and we love to eat our own food without sharing. Chocolate-chip cookies with milk? Yes, please.


  • We dream of watching an entire episode of our favorite show, and again, uninterrupted. If you’re curious, I love me some Younger on TVLand.  Love. That. Show!


  • But I have to admit, there’s one thing that I had no idea would make me so happy and it happened a couple of weeks ago:  my girl said, “Wove you, Mama.”  Truly might be the best words I’ve ever heard.  I melted.  And if you know me, you know I don’t melt all that often. So there it is, the sappy, non-sarcastic thing every toddler mom loves to hear.  Sure hope you’ve had the pleasure, as well.



Do you have something that would make you happy as a mom or dad of a toddler, a mom of a teenager, a mom of a college graduate, etc? Let’s hear it!

Can you relate?

Got something else I need to know? Spread it.

October 1 otherwise known as Get-Outta-My-Way-Cat-Ladies, I’m-on-a-Mission!

photo (21)

You know what October 1st is? If you guessed Saturday, you’re a smart ass. And I like you for it. If you said your birthday, well, happy birthday! Have another guess? It’s lots of things:


It is a Saturday. A Saturday in which my daughter will be attending a birthday party and I will be taking Homecoming pictures (which I happen to LOVE doing) and a day off of work. Woo-hoo to that!


It also happens to be the second Saturday in fall but the first in which it actually kinda feels like fall with a cool morning and a football game on TV.


A couple of weird facts for October 1: it was the first time Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show (RIP Carnac) and it was the date of the first state fair (it was in Massachusetts- seriously) and we all know I love a state fair!!!


So what else might it be? Have you guessed yet? Are you thinking it must be the anniversary of my kissing a frog or the day my kid walked on water or National Eat Peanut-Butter-Fudge-Ice-Cream Day? Well, I’d totally be on board for the ice cream day, but that’s not it.


Give up?


Let me tell you then. October 1st is the first day I buy Christmas gifts for people because I know the gift receipt will make it past Christmas if they need to return it! I know, I know, I’m a total cheese. And I’m completely okay with it.


If you know me, you know I love to buy gifts, especially Christmas gifts. Do I have as much time as I used to do so? No, but I still love it! There’s no better feeling than knowing you came up with the perfect gift or the funniest gift or a gift someone truly needed or well… you get the picture. I love to buy gifts and give them!


That being said, I also understand that what I think is way cool and perfect doesn’t mean the person I’m giving it to will agree. That, or they have their sights on something I didn’t even know existed and they want to put the money towards that, and, well, I completely understand. Some people might be offended. I am not. If anything, I will be heart-broken that I didn’t do a good enough job shopping for them. I take pride in Christmas.


So while all of you are humbugging on me, I’ll just be over here on Amazon making Christmas miracles happen.


Happy October 1st, everybody!

And happy shopping, too, of course! 🙂




Already know what you’ll be shopping for? Got something else I need to know about October 1st?   Have a gift I gave you that you want to comment on? Bring on da comments, people! J

WWBD? (What Will Bolton Do?) – Life after Teaching

You just gotta Jump!

You just gotta Jump!

Decision, decisions, decisions.  Oh, how I hate to make them!  Are you that way, too?  I don’t mind the “where-are-we-eating-tonight” kind.  Those are easy (and the answer is Johnny’s Café), but I hate the big ones like deciding to get married or moving to a 3rd world country to make two million dollars.  I’m talking those kind. Lol.


Recently, I made the decision to leave my job after having been in that same building for 20 years.   And yes, I am a habitual ready-for-a-vacation kind of girl so it probably seems that I am more than ready to ditch my job (which if you looked at the same snot on the bathroom stall you might want to, too).  The truth of the matter is that it’s really hard to leave.  Not because of the snot (lol), but partly because of the people I’ve met along the way and partly because I don’t want to be a statistic of another teacher leaving teaching and partly because I hope I’ve made a difference in the world somewhere along the way.  So why am I leaving?  A lot of reasons, but they start with my little girl.


Last spring, we debated about buying a house in our hometown.  Finally, we decided to put a bid in.  There ended up being 3 other bids.  I said I was leaving it in God’s hands.  If we got it, it was meant to be.  If we didn’t, there was time for something else.  We got the house.


It was about that time that I started hearing that Zac Brown song on the radio.  Clearly, it was meant to be.  And every time I seem to be having doubts over whether it’s time to go home or not, it finds its way to my radio.

(Thanks Vevo, Zac Brown Band and YouTube)

So when it came time to decide whether to stick it out in teaching or move on, I stressed out again.  Could I drive from there?  Yes.  I probably would have a quicker commute than some of the people who live in West O going through 3000 stoplights.  Believe me, I squandered an entire summer overthinking, worrying, and contemplating what to do.  It was the day that I realized that I would have to drive 12 more years and that, in that time, my little girl would go from a toddler to a teenager.  Not only that, but there will be bagels with mom breakfasts and Read Across America book-a-thons to see and I want to see them!  But I wouldn’t if I was driving because I would believe that work had to come first, even when I didn’t feel that way.  So what was the solution?  Get out.


What’s next?  I don’t know.  I wanna be creative.  I wanna be respected for what I do.  I wanna help Mrs. Strickland get Oakland back to good, too.   But here’s what I do know:  About a year and half ago, I saw this Steve Harvey video, and it spoke to me.  (I might be watching this at 2 in the morning next August with tears and a carton of How I Love Thee Reese Peanut Butter Cup ice cream panicking, but…)

(Thanks to Steve Harvey and YouTube for the clip!)

I’m not a gutsy person.  I like my safe and secure world, but I do think I was put on this earth for a reason and I want to make damn sure I figure out what my gift is.  So… I’m “jumping.”   Ready…or not (mostly or not) here I come.



Have you been in my place?  Any advice?  What’s your talent or calling? Any success stories to tell me?  Feelings about the videos or just a comment?  Let me hear ’em.

I’m at home on Loserville Lane again tonight…


Pasty skin? Blood-shot eyes? Just rolled out of bed fashion statement? I thought I had that look going for me pre-child. I realize it was only the beginning. I officially understand what they mean when people say they “lose themselves” when they have kids. I have a whole new admiration for the likes of Nancy Finnegan with her 9 children. I have one and I feel rockstar if I manage to get moisturizer on and text a friend all in one day!


I feel bad for those people that do lose themselves. I totally get how it happens. Yes, I may be in total denial, but I feel I haven’t really lost myself so much as hid her away for a few years until she’s allowed out to play again. And I admit it has happened. I know sometimes people don’t realize it’s happening to them. I realized. I just couldn’t stop it. I know they say you shouldn’t let it happen, but well, they either have a lot more money than I do to pay for a manny or they were kinda boring and didn’t have much of a life to begin with. That’s the conclusion I have come to.


Here’s the thing: I know you are supposed to keep some of your hobbies and your girls’ nights out and your “me” time reading 50 Shades of Grey on the side. I get it. What I don’t get is how you make that happen. There’s just not enough time in the day to write a blog, take some pictures, read a book, call my friend, check facebook, and still make breakfast, lunch, dinner, do laundry, pick up the 5000 wrappers my daughter took out of the trashcan, read her books, play airplane with her, and do our daily neighborhood watch from the top of the couch. Just sayin’. I admit defeat. And when it comes to whether I screw her up for life or give up my chapter of smut, I ere on the side of a non-messed up child. Now, I can’t make any promises, but at least I’m trying.


Everyone tells me it will get easier. And maybe it will. If nothing else, I’m sure there will be practices that I can sit in Baa Baa Black Sheep (our black Honda Pilot) and check Facebook on my phone. In the meantime, I am sad that I can’t bring you a regularly scheduled blog and the ratio of diaper-changes to strawberry daiquiris is pretty one-sided,  but when she pats me on the cheek and gives me a hug, well, I remember that I’ve made worse mistakes along the way.


Should you do what I have done? No. Not if you can help it. If you can’t help it and you know it’s happening, well, join the club. We don’t actually meet because we don’t have time, but we do feel sympathy for those in the sinking ship with us.


Oh, P.S. – if you’re feeling bad for me, feel free to offer to be a free babysitter. I won’t say no. ☺

Rio’s calling and I’m answering. How ’bout you?




I feel like Paul Revere – “The Olympics are coming!  The Olympics are coming!”  I’m so freaking excited!  I love the Olympics and the fact that it coincides with me going back to work is even better.  A little mental distraction from the loss of my summer is always good.  Plus, who couldn’t use something fun in their newsfeed instead of politics and misery?  Ug.


So do you have a favorite event or are you just a whatever-is-on-and-involves-sweating-bodies-is-fine-with-me kind?  Are you a track and field person?  Or a gymnastics person?  Or a Bob Costas giving their historic rise to fame backstory person?  Oh, or are you the obvious choice:  a sand volleyball person? (Yeah, we all know why you love the sand volleyball competition…)  I pretty much love everything, except maybe that pentathlon one.  They’re all too skinny and it just looks painful.  I have a hard time getting behind that, but I’m game otherwise.


If I were actually capable, I’d want to be on the Saber team.  First off, they are expected to win.  Secondly, they compete one day and have the rest of the time to see the sights, cheer on the other Americans, and make questionable decisions in the Olympic village. lol.  Of course, I’m also stoked to see Phelps carry in the flag.  It’s amazing how a family and sobriety change your perspective and get you involved.  And I will definitely be watching the ladies do floor exercise.  Holy crap can they jump!


Luckily, my husband likes sports so he’s generally willing to watch with me and it appears my daughter is the same.  However, by second week, my husband is usually complaining he needs his NCIS fix and that we’ve seen the same segment about Hussein Bolt 50 times.  I can’t get enough of it.  I’m a fanatic and proud of it.


I love to watch sports anyway, but the Olympics is more than that.  I value it because it’s about heart, dedication, work ethic, and dreamers.  You don’t get to the Olympics without all of that.  And I love a success story.  I really do.  I had goose bumps with Kerri Strug landed on one foot, when Michael Phelps got that last medal, and when Gabby Douglas won the all-around.  I like perseverance.


What else do I like?  I like that for two weeks we are not complaining about what’s wrong with our country or tearing other people down, we are a united front.  We are Americans.  We are happy to see any American holding our flag and singing “The Star Spangled Banner” on a podium.  It matters not what race you are or which backwoods town you came from, it only matters than you are an American.  That, my friends, makes me happy.


Beyond that, I like good sportsmanship.  I like the stories of athletes helping each other out.  I like families sitting around a TV watching the Olympics and seeing people break records and cheer and console and be happy just to have the experience.  I like unity of the athletes, of the families sitting at home watching, and all of us as Americans.  Yes, I know that makes me sound like Suzy Sunshine.  I’m okay with it.


So here’s to filling up your DVR with Olympic dreams and a cold one on the couch getting caught up!  If you want to rehash, I’m pretty sure you know where to find me.



Do you have a favorite sport to watch?  Do you have a favorite memory?  Have you actually been to an Olympic event?  Talk to me.

Red Corvettes, Y2K, and Peaches – RIP Prince

RIP Prince

RIP Prince

I know it’s true. I continue to see it – Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and now Prince. The true geniuses leave our world too early. They make a defining exit. But while others will be mourning in Purple Rain, I won’t be. I never liked When Doves Cry or Purple Rain. Yes, you can tell me that’s sacrilege. You can tell me I’m not a true fan. You can tell me I’m not a child of the 80’s, but you’d be wrong. I liked him for the fun. And for that, I will only speak of fun!



Prince made me smile.



Although I shook my head a LOT, it still made me smile that he wore more make-up than me, higher heels than me, and more ruffles than me, but damn, could he sing!



At 12:01am January 1, 2000, I smiled when I finished screaming Party Like it’s 1999 at the top of my lungs standing in Arthur’s bar alive and having survived Y2K with friends I still have today.



I smiled when I called him Tafkap. For every lawsuit he won with tafkap or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and every joke I made about it, I loved him more.



I smiled when I realized he was a Minnesotan and neighboring Midwesterner willing to put on free concerts for his “homies” at Paisley Park. Midwesterner nice, baby!



For every song on his greatest hits album that I car-danced to in my little white tank top in my 20’s, I smiled for all the truck drivers to see and l loved him more.



I smiled when I blasted Peach in my car bouncing my way home from work to my single apartment with its dirty words and feel-good-about-yourself beat.



As a mom learning to say “sheesh” and “dang it” instead of what I really want to say, I still worship his way with words. For every dirty lyric, I loved him more and smiled more.



Truly, it makes me smile every time Raspberry Beret comes on the Oldies station despite the fact that it makes me old and despite the fact that I know I will have to fight my non-Prince-loving husband that I married in spite of that tidbit of info.



And to this day, I smile when I hear (and, of course, sing poorly) Little Red Corvette because I have flashbacks to staying up late to hear it on the radio on the Top 10 at 10 so I could tape it on my recordable cassette tape.



But mostly, I smile because after having been unable to get my mind focused enough to start blogging again, the words came out on the paper for a man who, even in his death, managed to inspire me.



I smile because Prince would have wanted me to.



Thank you, Prince, for that.   And thank you for leaving a mark on my youth.



There will never be another like you…





Got any fave Prince songs I missed? Got any stories of things you associate with Prince? Want to argue my points (go ahead, but I’m always right)? Let’s hear what you have to say. It’s been too long since I did.