Humorous thoughts on adulthood – thank goodness for chocolate, drinks, friends, and duck tape!

Hello, Summer Vacay!

Life isn’t fair, especially when Brianna’s teacher, Ms. Herbinnailer, keeps piling on poetry assignments while Bri’s life is in self-proclaimed crisis. Brianna is dying to have a birthday dance on the last day of school with all her roller-hockey friends and, of course, Johnny. Unfortunately, it just isn’t happening that way! The countdown to summer is still on, but how is she supposed to convince her parents to have a party when she’s too busy writing stupid poems?

Doesn’t anybody get that there’s more to life than school?????

One somebody does, and that’s Ms. Herbinnailer. Unbeknownst to Brianna, her teacher has a countdown of her own, and she’s forcing poetry down Bri’s throat for a reason.

Now, if Brianna could only figure out what that reason is…


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