Wow!  Another jam-packed week! Can’t believe how much is going on and aren’t we all lucky for it? So what should be on your calendar?  Let me tell you.

1 – Still foundered from Halloween candy?  Don’t feel bad, so are the rest of us!  But if you would rather not gain another 10 lbs. and the Reese’s are just too tempting, you can solve all that by taking your leftover candy to Omni Dental or the school as they have teamed up to send all candy to our US troops overseas.  Man, that freaking rocks!  Here’s your chance to not only save yourself a few pounds but give back to our military.  It doesn’t get much better than that, and it can be one of your good deeds for The Blessed Turkey Project (which I will get to in a minute).

2 – It’s a big school week as Friday kicks off with a soup supper at the high school brought to you by The Knights of Pythias and Riverside ROMP in hopes of paying for some music-related student trips among other things.  Find the details here.

3 – It’s followed up by Riverside’s production of Beauty and the Beast, a classic musical for all ages.  And I bet you recognize some of those faces!  Support the kids – they are the future of Iowa. Details here.

4 – So not only can you get out of cooking on Friday night, but PEO of Oakland is sponsoring their annual spaghetti lunch on Sunday.  So not only can you skip making lunch, but your money goes to a good cause like scholarships for Riverside students!  Can’t beat that! Get all the details here.

5 – Okay, so this happens the following weekend, Nov. 10, but you’ll want to get your tickets now when they are cheaper!  Impact Hill (our local nonprofit) is having a mother-son event with laser tag and a scavenger hunt and and and!  They’ll be big before you know it!  Better get your tickets while they’re still willing! Check out all the cool stuff they have planned here.

6 – Also that weekend, Macedonia is having their annual Veteran’s Day Chicken Dinner on the 11th.  The funds help keep the DeWitt building up and going, plus, we all need to take a moment to remember our veterans.  For all the bickering we seem to be doing, we couldn’t if our troops didn’t protect that freedom for us.

7 – Finally, on a personal note, November 1 begins my 7th annual Blessed Turkey Project.  For those of you who haven’t been involved in the past, it’s much like many other groups that take time to be thankful via social media each day leading up to Thanksgiving, but I also encourage others to do acts of kindness and pay it forward.  The thing is that I ask people to belong to this group not so I can spam you, but so we can make your days brighter.

I’m telling you this because I have always been a person that saw the negative first.  My way of combatting that is by trying to see the good.  As the holidays roll around and the elections that continue to cause tension, I ask that you consider joining my group, if not mine, than find another, but I can honestly tell you that you won’t be sorry reading people’s pieces of happiness.  Light begets light.

Would I love you to come on board with me?  Most definitely.  I take great pride in The Blessed Turkey Project.  I started it 7 years ago because I’m a blessed turkey.  On any given day, I will complain about stupid 1st world problems, but I know at the end of that same day, I have a home, food, family, a job, a town I love, friends, and so much more that I forget to appreciate because I’m too busy comparing myself to the Joneses.  So if you have those moments, too, come with me (I’ll approve ya).  You won’t be sorry.


Did I miss something?  Let me know.  Have a witness tale to tell about being part of The Blessed Turkey Project, please add it.