I’ve thought about it for 4 days.  What happened in Vegas didn’t just stay in Vegas.  It affected all of us.  Maybe even more than some of the others because a lot of us have been to Vegas.  Personally, I have some great memories of Vegas and I’ve stood where they stood and that makes it even scarier, especially as a country music fan.  The word I’d use is “unsettled.”  I feel unsettled after things like this, as I’m sure most of us do.  It leaves us feeling a little out of control.  As a control freak, I hate that I can’t keep everyone in line…or maybe that’s the teacher in me.

I’ve thought about it for 4 days.  I know lots of others are thinking about it, too.  But I go to Facebook or Twitter and I see arguing and blame and opinions shouted from rooftops about the Vegas shooting, the NFL protests, the United States government, and my instinct is not to yell louder – mine is to go home.

I’ve thought about it for 4 days now.  I truly believe if you want a better world, it starts where you live…with you…  When these things happen, I snuggle my little girl more.  I give her more kisses.  My husband gets more, too, much to his chagrin, but he perked up at the chocolate-covered cashews I made for him.  You see, I start by loving the ones I’m with.  And then I move on from there…

I’ve thought about it for 4 days now.  I don’t have any magic solutions, but I did see an interview with Russell Brand talking about addiction and handling it.  He said you have to have other people and when you know there’s something bad brewing, go help others instead.  Go. Help. Others.  People, if Russell Brand can figure this mentality out, so can we.

I’ve thought about it for 4 days now.  I am only one person, but I start at home and then I move on to others.  In the midst of bad, do good.  Last week, I did something nice for someone and they said, “You must have a lot of extra time on your hands.”  In their defense, I’ve heard that a million times and that must be what people think.  That being said, I have 4 jobs right now, a 2-year old, I had a root canal last week and 3 dental visits, a husband who works a million hours a week, in the last 6 months I’ve changed jobs, changed houses, and changed towns.  But I choose to do good even when it doesn’t fit into my schedule because I believe in the power of nice.

I’ve thought about it for 4 days now.  I believe that this world is full of more good than bad anyway.  I believe that we have to start with ourselves.  I believe there are answers if we quit arguing.  I believe in giggles, warm chocolate chip cookies, notes saying thank you to those who never get them, and God.  You don’t have to believe in what I do, but I hope you believe in something and it leads you to do good even when you don’t have too much time on your hands.

I firmly believe we have isolated ourselves and continue to argue, compare, and take offense our way into more of it.  I don’t want to find more reasons to be mad.  I don’t think you do either.  Find the good.