That’s the way to do May Day!

Do you ever have that shining realization that work is easier than the rest of your life? It’s been happening to me lately. No, I don’t blab it all over Facebook because I’d rather blab it in person to the select few in my path, lol, but seriously, I wouldn’t want people to think my life is perfect. I don’t do perfect. Never have. Hoping someday I will. Lol.


Work is routine and I can do it. Don’t get me wrong. Working with teenagers is never “easy.” In fact, if I told you what’s been happening at my school, you’d be like, “Seriously?” but at least there is predictability to my job – it’s always going to be unpredictable. I’ve done it for 20 years, and I kinda know how to handle it. Whereas the rest of my life, well, it’s been a little bit of a rollercoaster. Not that I would expect anything less, but I was kinda hoping. Crazy me!


So you know how they have those charts of how to measure when you have a lot of stress? And they have a list of things that might cause you stress like deaths, moving, new children, natural disasters, new jobs, etc. Yeah, I might have a few of those checked off. Let’s see:


*I’m retiring from my job after 20 years.

*I’m job-hunting.

*I moved to a new house and town.

*I am trying to sell my other house in another town.

*I have ants in my new house.

*I have a two-year-old.

*I have a two-year-old who burned her hand on a garden tiller.

*I am commuting for the first time in 20 years.

*I am commuting with a 2-year-old.

*We have family functions every weekend till June.

*And, don’t forget, I am still employed, too.


Um, yeah, I think I might have some stress. In fact, let me assure you that if you see me, you can probably plan on me looking a little white-trashy with a cold sore or 5. That’s what stress does to me. But I know I’m not alone. EVERYBODY has stress! It seems to be a constant in our day and age, and I kinda hate that for all of us.


However, there are 2 saving graces to my week. One – I am going to see the Loop girls on Saturday and see horse racing for the first time ever! Secondly, even though I don’t need more to do, I am going to prep for one of my favorite holidays: May Day!


Why? You ask. Because the best way to get over yourself is to do something nice for someone else. Will it be full-scale? Probably not, but it will be something for at least a few. If you don’t know what May Day is or how much I love it, click here. Welcome to the magical world of a Happy May 1st in a world where we do too much working and complaining and not enough “loving thy neighbor.”


So if you are stressed and on the brink of insanity, pick up a basket or a bucket or a gift bag and shove that thing full of a little piece of happiness for the next guy.


Happy weekend, everybody!




Got a great May Day story for me? You have something good planned? Stressed out and have more on the list than me? Let’s here it, boys and girls!