People, I have one word for you: Give. Give the drama a rest. Give a crap about someone else.   Give your time or your money or your love to a cause or a person who needs it. Give of yourself.


I continue to listen to people protest about what is happening in our country. I am personally sick of it. Quit complaining and make America great again, not by protesting or complaining or hating, but by doing good. That, my friends, is what makes America ‘Merica.


When I was a kid, history class was all about how America was a melting pot of people coming here to live the American dream. People who voted because they had the right to vote. People who started businesses because they believed they would succeed here and because they were allowed to start their own business. People who talked to their neighbors and lent a hand to them when they needed one. People who didn’t just bitch, but worked hard to make something better or just chose not to get in the fray and went about their day.


I firmly believe there are still a lot of those people. Those are the people that live quietly and humbly or if they are like me, they do their fair share of whining to their friends, but suck it up and go about their day as a decent human being anyway.


I do not care if you are a Democrat, a Republican, a cartoon addict, a lunchbox collector, or a Cosmonaut with pink, curly hair. What I care about is whether you are part of the problem or part of the solution.


So as part of the solution, I ask you to give.


Give a flower to your wife so she remembers why she loves you.

Give canned food to the Food Pantry to help the needy.

Give yourself a hot bath after a long day so you don’t hate people.

Give a blanket to the homeless shelter because you’re not homeless.

Give a laugh to your co-worker when they are about to explode.

Give a Coke and a smile to your boss because they need thank yous, too.

Give your phone a break and your family some homemade brownies.

Give the person who called to hit you up a “yes” because they are volunteering, too.

Give your mom or dad a call because they gave you life.

Give your kid a crayon, stickers, and a heart pattern for cards to send.

Give love a chance to be heard here in our country because it isn’t being heard now.

Give thanks you live in a country where you are allowed to be you.

Give yourself time to shine among those who aren’t.


Here’s the deal. Yes, there’s a lot of crappy people in the world. Some of them may even be in the government, but we are here, we’re free, and we’re able. Thanksgiving is next week. Be thankful. Be kind. Be something you wish the rest of the world were. Lead by example. Be the one John Lennon would have sung about or the one MNBC won’t talk about. Most of you do your part each and every day by raising families, by going to work to pay your bills, by going to band concerts for kids, by not killing anyone, by not painting hate signs on people’s stuff, by treating others how you wish to be treated. Yay you! I’ll be the one to say it because we all need to hear it. We need affirmation we are doing good that’s how you keep getting good. Why do you think Sheldon gives Penny those chocolates? Reinforce good habits.


I give you this motto to use during the following weeks:


Do Right.

Do Good.

Do Yours.


Maybe we should make t-shirts? 🙂




Tell me some of the ways you give. I want to hear them.