I feel like Paul Revere – “The Olympics are coming!  The Olympics are coming!”  I’m so freaking excited!  I love the Olympics and the fact that it coincides with me going back to work is even better.  A little mental distraction from the loss of my summer is always good.  Plus, who couldn’t use something fun in their newsfeed instead of politics and misery?  Ug.


So do you have a favorite event or are you just a whatever-is-on-and-involves-sweating-bodies-is-fine-with-me kind?  Are you a track and field person?  Or a gymnastics person?  Or a Bob Costas giving their historic rise to fame backstory person?  Oh, or are you the obvious choice:  a sand volleyball person? (Yeah, we all know why you love the sand volleyball competition…)  I pretty much love everything, except maybe that pentathlon one.  They’re all too skinny and it just looks painful.  I have a hard time getting behind that, but I’m game otherwise.


If I were actually capable, I’d want to be on the Saber team.  First off, they are expected to win.  Secondly, they compete one day and have the rest of the time to see the sights, cheer on the other Americans, and make questionable decisions in the Olympic village. lol.  Of course, I’m also stoked to see Phelps carry in the flag.  It’s amazing how a family and sobriety change your perspective and get you involved.  And I will definitely be watching the ladies do floor exercise.  Holy crap can they jump!


Luckily, my husband likes sports so he’s generally willing to watch with me and it appears my daughter is the same.  However, by second week, my husband is usually complaining he needs his NCIS fix and that we’ve seen the same segment about Hussein Bolt 50 times.  I can’t get enough of it.  I’m a fanatic and proud of it.


I love to watch sports anyway, but the Olympics is more than that.  I value it because it’s about heart, dedication, work ethic, and dreamers.  You don’t get to the Olympics without all of that.  And I love a success story.  I really do.  I had goose bumps with Kerri Strug landed on one foot, when Michael Phelps got that last medal, and when Gabby Douglas won the all-around.  I like perseverance.


What else do I like?  I like that for two weeks we are not complaining about what’s wrong with our country or tearing other people down, we are a united front.  We are Americans.  We are happy to see any American holding our flag and singing “The Star Spangled Banner” on a podium.  It matters not what race you are or which backwoods town you came from, it only matters than you are an American.  That, my friends, makes me happy.


Beyond that, I like good sportsmanship.  I like the stories of athletes helping each other out.  I like families sitting around a TV watching the Olympics and seeing people break records and cheer and console and be happy just to have the experience.  I like unity of the athletes, of the families sitting at home watching, and all of us as Americans.  Yes, I know that makes me sound like Suzy Sunshine.  I’m okay with it.


So here’s to filling up your DVR with Olympic dreams and a cold one on the couch getting caught up!  If you want to rehash, I’m pretty sure you know where to find me.



Do you have a favorite sport to watch?  Do you have a favorite memory?  Have you actually been to an Olympic event?  Talk to me.