Okay, thanks to a good friend’s do-gooder-soapy-clean-PG summer bucket list, I was inspired to make my own (cough, cough) Rated R (for Rarely gets to happen when you’re an adult) summer list.  I will be living vicariously through you this summer.  Make me proud!

  • Read Grey (yes, the dirty one by E.L. James)
  • Make pudding shots (now there’s a pinterest project I like!)
  • Roadtrip! Go to KC to shop at the outlets. Go to Carhenge in NE.  Go take selfies under the spider in Avoca. Lol.
  • Watch Magic Mike to prep for Magic Mike 2 (oh, you gotta love a no-shirt sequel!)
  • Drink one of the new added-citrus beers
  • Have a late-night water gun shoot-out with friends
  • Drop your kids off to sleep in your old bed at your mom and dad’s (woo-hoo!)
  • Sit in your lawn chair in your back yard 5 days in a row
  • Grill brats (no, not your bratty children, the processed meat kind – and get the Tiefenthaler ones from Iowa – To. Die. For.)
  • Do the Taco Ride or if you’re not local, find a beer tent. Stat.
  • Break out the little white tank-top. (Guys, not so much.)
  • Re-enact some scene/part from Saved by the Bell when they summered at the beach. (You know you know some!)
  • Read a magazine from the large pile collecting dust on your end table.
  • Have banana splits – the banana makes them completely healthy!
  • Take the back-roads – roll down your windows with your air on and sing with the radio. (Fishin’ in the Dark, baby!)
  • Car-dance with the sun roof open (get those truckers honkin’)
  • Play bocce ball or croquet – in the dark or drunk. Take your pick.
  • Go to Shakespeare on the Green or one of those outdoor concert series shows
  • Buy new flip-flops.
  • Go to a county fair (preferably the East Pottawattamie County Fair in Avoca – we’d love to see you)
  • Float down the river or paddleboat around a lake.
  • Take selfies in a floppy hat or cool sunglasses.
  • Host a BBQ – make sure you have plenty of wieners!
  • Text your friends “wish you were here” pics of you drinking, laying out, or taking a nap! (who wouldn’t be jealous of that????)
  • Have a lemonade with a friend you haven’t seen in at least a few months
  • Invite the neighbors over, whether you like ‘em or not.
  • Go to a parade. (Figured I’d give you an easy one you can knock out this week!)
  • Buy sun tan lotion, bug spray, and Cool Whip. (Happy Summer!)


Got any to add?  Let’s hear ‘em.  Got a comment about one of my ideas, go ahead.  Or even better, tell me how many of these you’ve done this summer!