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Usual Ice Cooler Conversation: 


Friend:  What did ya do last night?

Me (lame, pathetic voice):  Made supper, watched TV, in bed by 9.  The usual.

Friend (bored):  Figured.


This week’s convo:


Friend:  What did ya do last night?

Me:  Oh, ya know, I had a free psychic reading.

Friend (sarcastically):  Sure ya did.



So BIG, MAD LOVE to Saints Pub+Patio, Midtown Crossing, and Jess Coleman for giving me (literally) an unbelievable night out on the town (and for giving me non-lame topics to discuss)!


Saints Pub+Patio Pretzels

Saints Pub+Patio Pretzels

How lucky am I that I got to have some rock-star buttery pretzels, a Chambord and seven, hang out with some of my fave Omaha Bloggers, and get a free psychic reading?  You need not answer that, because I know the answer:  Damn Lucky!  And if you wanna get lucky like me (haha), check out Ladies’ Night at Midtown Crossing for some other fan-tab-u-lous events coming up!


In the meantime, aren’t you the least bit curious what the psychic told me?  If I was a total skeptic, I’d say she checked out my blog.  If I’m a believer (not a Belieber – ha ha), I’d say Jess must be a pretty kick-ass psychic because she nailed it!


People, she said I was a “jack of all trades.”  Do you not know how I describe myself?  Yeah, word for word:  jack of all trades!  Strike me dumbfounded and call me crazy, but I was impressed.  Not only did she say I was a jack of all trades, she then told me I was a great multitasker and that because I’m good at so many things, I try to do too many things.  Mmm… wouldn’t know anything about that!  Then she proceeded to tell me that I needed to focus on one thing.  How does one do that????


She told me that blogging was my avenue and that if I stick with it, it will happen.  She encouraged me to use my pictures in my blog more and that I need to get out of my comfort zone so I have more to talk about with you guys.  I have to think she’s legit because you wouldn’t normally tell a person that goes to a psychic reading that they need to branch out more. Seems ironic (lol), but also very accurate in my case.


My husband says that I’ll believe a psychic off the street before I’ll believe what he’s been telling me for years.  And maybe he’s right.  Maybe we all have to hear things from the exact right person before we believe them.  It’s funny because some of the friends I went with didn’t get as many in-depth insights as I did.  They suggested that maybe I was more open to it or that I was more focused on the question at hand.  I like to think that I’m a pretty good judge of people and that I didn’t miss the message or the messenger.  Or maybe I just needed the most encouragement.  Either way, it was a great night out with answers I needed to hear and friends I’d like to keep.




So what would you ask the psychic?  Do you believe in it?


And, oh yeah, if I am branching out more, tell me what I need to check out.