There are 2 kinds of people:  those that are suckers for heart-warming wins and those that mock it.  Do you watch the Super Bowl, NCAA March Madness, The Voice, Worst Cooks in America, Project Runway, or any other random competition show to cheer on your favorites?  Do you root for the underdog?  Do you get weepy when the confetti flies?  Do you scream at the TV when what happens is completely unfair?  I’ll admit it.  I am completely guilty of all said situations.  I love a good competition.

My husband is notorious for teasing me about how I get wrapped up in the whole unraveling drama of each event.  Of course, that’s okay by me, I know I look ridiculous hiding my face when they kick the field goal or yelling at them to ditch the ugly belt before it hits the runway.  But I watch whole-heartedly and with admiration.

Seeing as how I’ve always been one of those jack-of-all-trades, master of none types, I can’t help but be wowed.  I am, without question, in awe of people who have a talent that blows others out of the water.  And I’m even more impressed if they go after it with all their being and not trip over their own feet like I do.  Hence, the reason I’m so excited for the Olympics to start.

I LOVE the Olympics!

1 –  I love that we as Americans unite to cheer on our team.  It is such a wonderful conversation piece with no political controversy.  Watching people all standing in front of TVs at Sears as an Olympic athlete finishes a race is just cool.

2 –  I love to watch people fight fiercely for years to get that one shining moment in the spotlight.  That is a dedication few people can understand or want to engage in.

3 –  I love to watch sports; even random ones where normally you sweep with one hand and drink beer with the other.

4 – It’s mid-winter in the Midwest and if you don’t think I need something to cheer about, you are obviously on the meds I should be on!

And do I have an opportunity for you?!

Here’s what I’m offering up:  I wanna invite you to be a part of the bigger picture.  I’m giving you the chance to be an Olympic cheerleader with me. (And you can do this from your recliner!!!)

I want you to be a proud American for 3 weeks with me as we watch (or not) the many events that make us dance, cuss the opposition, and high-five in victory.  I’d love for you to come be an OWL.

You have officially been invited to join the OWL Lounge which stands for the Olympic Watchers League!   You can go here to join, or if you’d rather just keep abreast of things via my blog, make sure you hit that follow key over to the side and be sure to share with others so all your friends can hang with you in the cool-kid OWL Lounge!

I have contests, profile pics, questions, prizes, and fun ready to go – just for you!   You’re not gonna wanna miss it!


What’s your competition show weakness?  What do you have to watch?  What are you looking most forward to about the Olympics?  I’d love to know.  I’m still making plans and you might be just the right inspiration with your info. 🙂