My morning view.

My morning view.

Warning:  Sappy Tribute lies ahead

Who makes you smile?  I hope there was actually an answer to that.  If there wasn’t, seek anti-depressants immediately… or lottery tickets.

In my world, the hubs is first in line to bring a smile.  But the list from there is endless, although none less important than another.  Sure, I enjoy the comedians like Erma Bombeck, Jen Lancaster, Long Duck Dong, and Sheldon Cooper, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my ex-favorite (and only because he’s leaving me) news anchor.  Today, I am sad and not in a my-cat-just-died-my-boyfriend-dumped-me-I-have-a-hangnail kind of way, but more of a she-won-American-Idol-and-I’m-happy-for-her-but-I’m-a-sad-loser kind of way.

People, Jim Siedlecki is leaving Omaha, and it’s a solemn day in Mudville (aka Bellevue).  He’s leaving his seat as the morning news anchor at WOWT channel 6.  He’s leaving his job as my daily, morning entertainment.  He’s leaving me high and dry with no one to make snide remarks about idiots that drive into donkey butt statues while doing cookies in a snowstorm.  He’s leaving me empty-handed of Generation X references to Saved by the Bell and the artist formerly, and currently, known as Prince.  He’s leaving me devoid of smart aleck retorts and paper-chucking at Rusty Lord when his forecast sucks.  He’s leaving me for a better job closer to home, and although I wish him and his family the best, I can’t help but selfishly be drama-diva sad for me.

No, I’m not a stalker.  In fact, I’ve never even met him in person, but I have woken up to the same man for more years than I can count.  He has not asked me for anything other than some pictures to post on “Hot Shots” or baby photos of my “soon-to-be-one-year-old” if I had one and possibly a prayer for a good weather so he could go golfing.  He has brought me smiles when he teased Rusty, Mallory, and Serese.  He has made me laugh when he commented about celebrities’ crack-head appearances.  He has willingly gotten up at an ungodly hour of the morning and plastered a smile on his face.  He has cheered on the underdogs with me in sports, and he has been genuine in his comments about saving money for job lay-offs or buying TVs.  Never has he been anything but himself… and that’s what I have loved about watching him on my TV every weekday morning.  This world needs more Jim Siedleckis.

So why on his last days do I bother to get mushy?  Well, you, my readers know, I always believe in saying “thank you” to those who deserve it most.  And who deserves it more than somebody who makes my daily grind a little more bearable?  I am grateful – grateful to have watched a man that embodies gratitude every day even at 5 am.  So best wishes, Jim Siedlecki.  May the road be full of great golf courses, great Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurants, Yankee wins, and people that appreciate you for saying it like it is…  (Those are my kind of people, too!)

Good luck in Denver!


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