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Hot Dog! We’ve got ourselves a new hot dog joint in Old Towne Bellevue, B& B Classic Dogs! Now, if you know anything about me and the hubs, you know we like our processed meats! lol. Our only bigger love is fried food. And ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! They have both! The even better part is that they’re local. Being from a small town, we try to support the home team and this is one of them. They’ve only been open a month but they seem to be off and running!

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Through the Omaha Bloggers Group, the hubs and I got to sample the fair put out by B&B. People, it felt like I was at the state fair! We foundered ourselves on cheese balls that I swear to you tasted like fried mac ‘n cheese, doughy pretzel bites dipped in cheese, sweet potato fries with a marshmallow sauce (yes, marshmallow!), and Nathan’s hot dogs. Um, yum!

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The hubs had the slaw dog which he gave high praise, but I tried out the Ty Dog (loaded with ketchup and potato chips) and a Bacon Dog before falling in absolute love with the PBB Dog – the peanut butter and bacon dog! Holy pig in peanut butter! That was fan-tab-u-lous! It was just the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and fried. Sooo good!

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And had I have been one of those good people, I would have stopped there, but of course, I didn’t. But thank goodness, because if the entrée wasn’t enough, their cream cheese sugared pretzels and apple crescents were To. Die. For. You know I would not lie about desserts. They were pure heaven. The apple crescents were somewhere between an apple pie and an apple fritter and the cream cheese sugared pretzels were like the frosting at Cinnabon – like crack to an addict. Seriously. Oh, and did I mention they have an arcade???? Yes, Pac Man and Skee Ball for all!

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If you are nearby, you have to try B&B Classic Dogs! I promise you it’s worth it. I guarantee we’ll be back. The hubs has his eye on the 2-footer. (Yes, they really have a 2 foot long hot dog!)

And just to kick it up a gear to get you there, too, the Omaha Bloggers along with B&B Classic Dogs is giving away a gift card to try them out! Sign up here:

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