kiss dispenser

So it’s Monday, and yes, we try to avoid those if at all possible, but somehow, here we go again.  The good news though is that it’s the first week of December.  The first week of Advent.  And what we’re really all talking about:  it’s Cyber Monday!  Here’s your chance to buy the oh-so-crucial-gifts like Pez dispensers and gingerbread man socks.

Usually we go to work to have money to spend, but this is the one day of the year, we go to work to spend money.  It ranks with the day after the Super Bowl, the day after your 21st birthday, and the day after New Year’s for the least productive day of the year.  And what’s not to love about that (unless you’re the boss)?  So Happy Cyber Monday!  Seal it with a KISS. ha ha.