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It’s Thanksgiving…And you can find a way to be thankful or you can shovel crap on it and complain.  Me, I kinda like to do both. Lol.  But in all truth, I prefer to be thankful and happy even though I’m wired to do just the opposite.  So with that in mind, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings…

I hope you eat so much turkey that you have to unbutton your pants.  I hope it then leads you to a nap on the couch under a blankey and drooling just a little.  I hope you don’t threaten to kill Uncle Clement when he wakes you with his snoring.  Instead, I hope you take a picture of him and give it to him at Christmas.

It would also be great if you took some pictures of the family or got in some pictures yourself.  Don’t worry about your hair not being perfect or the 15 extra pounds.  The only one that notices that is you.  The rest are just happy you were there in that picture with them.  Oh, and if you give it the ole thumb’s up routine, you look happier, cuter, and thinner anyway!

I hope you laugh when you spill pie on your sweater and say something like “Well, I’m savin’ some for later!” and figure it’s nothing Spray and Wash can’t fix later.  I hope you then proceed to sneak some leftovers into a Cool Whip bowl to take home with you.

But don’t leave right away.  I hope you camp out in the living room with your family.  I hope you laugh and talk as you scan Black Friday ads and that you reminisce about Aunt Kay buying the same pajamas every year for you even though you hated them, but now you think about it fondly.

And please don’t kill the little kid that’s annoying everyone and climbing over everything.  In fact, I hope you decide to play a game with him but only after you explain that you have to act like a “big boy” if you want to play.  I hope you have so much fun that others come to join the game or at least check out the action.

I hope you get a chance to yell at the screen as you watch the football game and that you DVR’d the parade to watch with the kids when you get home.  I hope you look around and appreciate that you have those people in your life. Even more so, I hope that on days when you want to kill them, you picture them lounging around the house, eating baked goods, and laughing about Uncle Clement’s snoring.

Most of all, I hope you realize what’s right in front of you – the love, the people, the time you get to spend together in a crazy world that doesn’t always slow down.  And if your world isn’t so picturesque this Thanksgiving, I hope you take measures to make the next holiday better.  I hope you make peace with your demons, or your relatives, or your grudges.  Then, I hope you whip up a green bean casserole, a smile, and some plans with family or friends because after all, life doesn’t have a lot of meaning if you live it alone.  So if no one else says it, I will:  Happy Thanksgiving to you!

(And if you need a drink to put on that cheery smile or say that apology, there’s a cold one in my fridge for ya!)

Happy Turkey Day, my friends!



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Happy Holidays!