Have you noticed that Thanksgiving is when you remember who the good cooks are in your family?  Or is your family the one that gets the meal from Hy-Vee because nobody knows how to cook?

Do people in your family have their “specialties” – the things everyone expects them to bring to a family gathering?   Do you look forward to Thanksgiving Day just for Grandma Grace’s pumpkin pie or Sarah Ann’s homemade sourdough rolls?

I’m the member of the family who brings what nobody else wants to. Lol.  My sisters both have specialties so I just pick up the slack.  I’m the garlic bread, green beans, pink cottage cheese salad, or crockpot ham girl.  I’m whatever I need to be.  I’m the filler, but I’m okay with that because both my sisters’ rolls are To. Die. For. and if you’ve ever had Lori’s cheesy potatoes or dirt cake or Mischa’s chicken noodle soup or caramels, you know why I go to Thanksgiving!


Can you list off every food present at your dinner like I can or does everyone bring something different and out of the Paula Dean cookbook?  The menu never changes at my mom’s house which I’m plenty okay with.  I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of the “let’s-try-something-new” theory of Thanksgiving.  No, I don’t want your peppered-apple-stuffed turkey loaf or your barbecued mince meat turducken.  It’s Thanksgiving!  I want normal turkey.  End of story.  Well, that and mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, relish tray, homemade rolls, corn, and salad.  Oh, and pecan pie, please!

Thanksgiving is all about tradition to me.  The food, the family, the little pilgrim statues your Aunt Martha unburies and dusts off out of the china cabinet – those are meant to stay the same.  So few things in our world stay the same, but those should.  We all need some things we can count on just like Uncle Harold falling asleep after dinner and your little brother going outside to avoid having to help with dishes.  Like it or not, it’s a good feeling to know those people so well that you can smile when you see the day in your head.  You can save the surprises for Black Friday! Lol.

I guess that’s just my 2 cents, and if you have a convincing argument, then break it out.  I wanna hear it.  Or if you’re with me and you have pics on your phone of the best family foods ever, post ‘em.  I wanna see ‘em.  And I promise to do the same.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!