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What do we love?  FREE food, of course, from Firehouse Subs!  Woo-hoo!

Have you been to Firehouse Subs yet?  There’s one at Metro Crossing in Council Bluffs and one on 72nd Street in Omaha and a whole bunch of others all over the country.

To. Die. For. Cherry Limeade.  A Firehouse family tradition.

To. Die. For. Cherry Limeade. A Firehouse family tradition.

Serious meat!

Serious meat!

So why am I pumping this?   I got to go to this cool blogger thing where I got to try their 4 top-selling subs, drink whatever I wanted from the Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage supply with 140 drinks to pick from (I had me some grape Dasani and some to. die. for. homemade cherry limemade (omg!) if you’re curious), and listen to one of the co-founders of Firehouse Subs speak.

And here’s the great part:

1.  he was funny as hell, a great guy,


2.  he gave me gift cards to hand out to you!  How freaking cool is that?

Meet Robin.

Meet Robin.

Now, I have been holding out on telling you about this because I wanted to wait and share during The 2nd Annual Blessed Turkey Project because, well, I like to reward good behavior and so does Firehouse Subs.  Listen, people, this place makes awesome food and they do good things, which is a pretty hard combo to find (in a man, in a restaurant, or in America. Lol.).

I know I’m gushing, but this place was right up my alley, and I probably wouldn’t have tried it if I hadn’t been invited.  First off, it’s a theme restaurant – everything’s decorated and named in honor of firefighters.  Second, it’s not “just” a sub shop.  They steam their meat and toast their bread (which I realized I happen to love).  Third, they pride themselves on the meat and cheeses and breads they use.  (Shout out to my livestock producers!  We love to hear that!)  Fourth, they donate a ton of cash to help fire stations and schools.  (You can actually apply for grants for things like defibulators, etc.)  Now, that means they are speaking my language on pretty much every front!  Beef:  check!  Schools:  check!  Paying it forward:  check!

That's some steam!

That’s some steam!

I actually liked the place so much, the hubs had to try it.  I think it’s the steaming that makes them different from other sub shops and their choice of toppings.  I’m usually a plain person but I liked their combinations.  You can’t go wrong with brisket, provolone, and BBQ.  If you were wondering, the hubs is totally on board now, too.  (I had to pry the gift cards out of his hand! Lol.)  So here’s where you come in.  Firehouse Subs and I want to reward you Blessed Turkeys out there!  Unfortunately, I don’t have enough cards for everyone, but 4 lucky winners get gift cards to try out Firehouse Subs.

What do you have to do to be one of the top 4?  It’s easy.  It’s a mere 2-step process.  If you aren’t already following my blog, click the follow key.  Second, in the comment section below either tell what your greatest blessing is (what you’re most thankful for) or tell how you paid it forward this week.  (Also be sure to leave an email if I don’t know already how to contact you.)  I will have an impartial judge read through all the responses posted by 4pm on November 22 to find the best ones, and I will announce the winners so be sure to check back.