Okay, it’s Monday, and, amazingly enough, I don’t get to play God and get rid of it, but I can at least provide entertainment.  So I was at a hotel over the weekend that had this handy-dandy invention in the shower.  Now, in truth, I will admit it was actually quite convenient.  No travel sizes to open or kick over, but all I could think was how much fun you could have with one of these if you were a prankster.

Can you imagine the fun college kids would have with these? Kool-aid to give somebody a little Frenchie-pink-hair-kind-of-look for the day?  Nair in the guy’s shampoo one for an enemy?  Lotion in the Homecoming queen’s shampoo dispenser so she just looks a little “greasy,” shall we say?  Or what about strawberry syrup or ketchup for blood on Halloween?  Think of the possibilities!

Of course, I’m just gonna say they might not want to use these in Vegas.  The “serums” that might get added are probably too much to consider.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Yikes!

But isn’t it fun to spend a Monday thinking fun stuff?  Exactly.

Got another substance to add?  Tell me.

And if not, that’s okay.  I don’t have high expectations on a Monday.  But I do wish you the happiest of Mondays!