Roadtrip snacks acquired!

Roadtrip snacks acquired!

Nerves suck!  Have you been nervous over anything lately?  A new car purchase, having a new baby, waiting for a phone call for a job interview?  Don’t you just hate sitting around waiting in limbo for something to happen?  Here I am getting all nervous about crap that I should be old enough and smart enough not to freak out over, and yet, I do…

So I’m going to this blogger convention this weekend so I can make things bigger and better (Naughty, naughty.  I didn’t mean it like that!) for you, my favorite and fabulous readers.  I’d like to say my bags are packed and all I have left to do is buy some good roadtrip snacks, but instead, I’m panicking.

I am the worst nervous person.


  • I break out.  Currently, I look like I have bubbling tomato sauce on my chin.  Ug.
  • I get the beauty of all redneck charm:  a cold sore.
  • If I’m really lucky, I can pack my Puffs because I inevitably acquire the sniffles, too.
  • I may or may not display an awkward sense of bitchiness towards my significant other.  It’s only rumor and conjecture as far as I can see.
  • I snack.  Therefore, I get larger like a hot air balloon at the Macy’s Day parade.  (I guess it is coming up!  I should be ready just in time!)
  • I fidget…with my hair, my shirt that’s sucking to my fat rolls, my nasty broken-out zits.  Well, you get the idea.
  • I overanalyze…my thoughts, my spouse’s thoughts, my neighbor’s that leaves their car blocking my driveway, the nutjob that bought 5 cases of ramen in front of me at Walmart…
  • I wake up… in the middle of the night…to worry.  (Brilliant, huh?)
  • I get an anxious furrow of the brow that makes me look bitchier than even my usual.
  • I have this uncanny need to add even more things to my plate so besides being nervous, I am sweating all the items on the to-do list and running around frantically like a kid on a sugar-high.

Is that enough proof, or what?  I’m like a smorgasbord of unpleasantness when it comes to nervousness.

The only good news:  Once I get there I’m completely fine. Lol.

All it takes is a quick reminder of my favorite (and only) hubs’ words:  be comfortable in your own skin.  And magically, I am…. (Now if I could just remember that a couple weeks earlier…)


So what about you?  What do nerves do to you?  Do they bring out the best in you?  Do you want to jump off a cliff?  Do you get a little bat-shit crazy?  Come on, I don’t want to be all alone!