Yes, it’s that hideous day we call Monday.  I hate to bring it up because well, it sometimes feels like having to go to the dentist or sit through a black and white documentary on bugs, but well, there is good news.  It’s season premiere week!  Woo-hoo!

Sure, Mondays suck, but TV does not!  Start your week off with 2 Broke Girls or the last season of How I Met your Mother and tomorrow night, we get Tony Dinozzo and Gibbs on NCIS.  Wednesday brings Nashville and Modern Family.  I promise not to call during those time slots! lol.  But if that’s not enough, Thursdays means Big Bang is back with, well, a bang!  (Probably both kinds. lol.)  And Friday, you can pick up Last Man Standing.  It actually started last week, but it’s worth reminding you about it.  Tim Allen always deserves press!

As a TV junky, I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that it’s Monday and we’ve got some good distractions this week.  So break out the blankey, grab the remote, and crack open a cold one!

Happy Monday!