What’s your happy season?  My hubs says he’s still trying to find mine, lol, but we all know we have our favorite seasons and times when we appear to be the happiest.  The real question is do your guts agree with your what your mouth says?  Let’s find out.  Take this handy-dandy quiz to find out your fave time of year.

When it comes to snarfing down, what do you look forward to most?

  1. Grilling and beer  (Get your party on!)
  2. Candy, cookies, and fudge  (Chocolate!!)
  3. Anything from the crockpot  (Little wienies, anyone??)
  4. Fresh berries and salads  (Knock the pounds off!)

You can’t have food without drinks.  Which would be your first choice?

  1. A malt, fruit smoothie, or frou-frou drink on the patio
  2. A morning coffee or hot chocolate with your significant other (or future one)
  3. A pumpkin-spice latte by the fire
  4. A cup or glass of tea with friends

Weather affects everybody.  What do you like to see most outside your window?

  1. A bright glowing sun shining
  2. A fluffy snow drifting down quietly
  3. Leaves gently falling from the trees with a little crispness in the air
  4. A rainbowed-sky with light rain turning the grass green

Sports are a year-round thing, but which do you prefer?

  1. Taking a dip in the pool
  2. Watching some football with the fam
  3. A nature hike in the woods
  4. A walk or a round of golf in the sun

It’s Saturday afternoon and you have the day to do as you please.  Which ranks highest on your list of options?

  1. Having some adult beverages while relaxing poolside
  2. Snuggling in under your blanket with a good book or a remote in hand
  3. Checking out a local festival or tailgating with some friends
  4. Being active – planting flowers or taking a bike ride with family

Everybody likes to celebrate.  Which holiday do you enjoy celebrating the most?

  1. 4th of July – lots of food, sun, grilling, watermelon, and don’t forget drinking and pyrotechnics!
  2. Christmas!  Duh.  (Well, and maybe New Year’s Eve, too.)
  3. Halloween, of course!  Who doesn’t like creepy, crawly tricks and yummy treats?
  4. Easter – ham, Peeps, and no gifts to buy!

When you look in your closet, what do you have most of?

  1. Tank tops and shorts
  2. Fuzzy sweaters and fleece pj pants
  3. Hoodies and sweats
  4. Old T-shirts and exercise gear

What colors are you usually drawn to most?

  1. Sherbets and fluorescents
  2. Creams, reds, blacks, dark greens
  3. Mustards, oranges, purples, browns, and camo greens
  4. Brights – yellows, royal blue, bubblegum, emeralds

Where’s the ideal place to live?

  1. Bungelow on the beach
  2. Chalet in the mountains
  3. “Updated” Cabin in the forest
  4. Palace with a garden-view

The day is dreary, what song puts the biggest smile on your face?

  1. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long
  2. Dean Martin’s Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  3. Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine
  4. U2’s Beautiful Day

What’s your dream vehicle?

  1. A snazzy convertible – old or new
  2. 4-wheel drive Yukon to fit the whole family
  3. Off-road Jeep or Sporty truck
  4. A Sweet Caddy

Okay, so count up your 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s!

If you had mostly 1’s, you are clearly a rock ‘n roll summer star.  Ready to have a drink, a tan, a late night outside.

If you had mostly 2’s, then you must be a snow bird, snow bunny, or a relative to Santa as Winter is clearly your season full of coffee-drinking, snowballs, and relaxing on the couch.

If you had mostly 3’s, you’re a child of autumn ready for pumpkins, fall leaves, and a little bit of mystery.  You see change as a good thing and welcome a new view.

If you had mostly 4’s, you’re a spring chicken always ready to reinvent, start over, and smell the roses.  You like having something to look forward to and a lot of color in your life.

So, what’s your favorite season?  Yes, I’m snoopy.  We’ve been over this.  I want to know.  Plus, I’m curious if I always hang with the same types of people.  Are you all summer lovers or winter retreaters?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Feel free to put it in the comments and share with all your friends.  See who you attract, too!

Also guys, I’m participating in a blog hop with other local Nebraska/Omaha bloggers.  If you want to support the home team, check out their family friendly blogs (hence, why mine is appropriate this week. lol.)

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