Are you tired?  I swear the entire population is.  Every day, I see all these studies suggesting people need to sleep more, how weight loss is tied to sleep, and how we work too much and sleep too little.  Pretty hard to argue that when every person I run into prior to 11am is carrying a caffeinated beverage.  Me – not so much.  I’m a one-Mountain-Dew-a-day girl after an ugly bout of caffeine withdrawals in college, and well, sleep might very well be my best friend these days.  I find I’m a lot less bitchy with some quality na-night time.  Who knew?  Then again, I haven’t exactly seen the pounds dripping off of me like sweat in a sauna, but there’s still time, right?

However, as of late, I’ve been busier than usual at my job which left me pondering the extremes of sleep deprivation.  So let’s play a little “you know you’re a redneck when…” to the tune of exhaustion instead.

You know you’re exhausted when…

…You realize half way through the day that you only remembered to shave one leg in the shower this morning.

…A park bench and newspaper look like a bed and a pillow to you.

…The coffee pot in the next room is just too far away to even get caffeine.

…You’re willing to use your lunch break to sleep in your car when it’s 95 degrees.

…Your spouse actually hears the baby crying before you do.

You know you’re even more exhausted when…

…You visit friends and their dog’s bed is taunting you as a viable option.

…Your body is powered by Mountain Dew, coffee, or Monster.

…You see a skunk between you and your car and wonder if you get sprayed if you’d be allowed to stay home from work

…You agree to go to see a movie because it’s worth the $10 to get a nap in

…People tell you that you look like shit and you’re not offended because it sounds like a step-up from where you thought you were.

And you truly know it’s a sad state of affairs when…

…You fall asleep at the dentist.

…You’re willing to eat a hot pocket so you don’t have leave the house for real food.

cat and turkey 005

…You’re jealous of your cat getting to lay around all day.

…And for you Nebraskans out there, you know you’re beyond exhausted when there’s more red in your bloodshot eyes than in Husker stadium on game day!

Now, that’s tired!

So chime in!  Truth or fiction, I won’t tell, but if you have one to add to the list, put that puppy in the comments section!  Or if you liked one of them or have been there and done that, now’s the time to confess.

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