trash car

Let’s play a little game of “What’s in my car?”

Clearly, most of us can’t top the amount of trash that’s in the car above!  Holy-Craptastic!  But seriously, people accuse me of living out of my all car all the time.  Okay, so I may have an occasional set of paper plates, or darts for a game at the bar, or a hundred hockey pucks, but come on.  Who doesn’t?

I prefer to think of it as a little Girl Scout-ish.  I like to be prepared.  There’s nothing wrong with it!

So yes, I have over 100 napkins from Casey’s and Subway.  So what?  I’m a messy person, or at least one with bad ice cream karma.  It always spills on me.  And should someone have a bloody nose – I have it covered.

And yes, I do keep a spare set of shit shoes in the trunk.  You never know when there will be cows out on the road that you have to get back in or a scouting expedition into the ditch because the cooler blew out of the back of the truck.  Just sayin’.

And yes, there are enough koozies for a 12-pack.  Got a problem with it?  If I’m gonna use a koozie, I hate to be rude and not offer one to everyone else at the party.  Don’t balk.  I know some of you have used those very can coolers.

So yes, I do keep a stash of random and assorted “necessities.”  And by “necessities,” I mean Carhartts, a church bulletin from my niece’s baptism two years ago (she’ll need it for her scrapbook when she graduates), a tire gauge, and probably some hangers, glue, and duck tape among other things.  What about you?  Is your interior crystal clean or is there a receipt from 2004 crammed between the seat belt shaft or a cereal graveyard smashed in the floormats from your baby that’s now 10 years old or a Hershey’s bar for “emergencies” or a garter from your wedding day 18 years ago?

Do you have something even more unusual?  Could you play “Let’s Make a Deal” with the stuff strategically placed in your back seat?  Do you have something you transfer when you buy a new vehicle?  Do you even have any idea what’s squirreled away under the seat?

Well, come on, blab about it!  I wanna know!

(No scorn here.  I’m just camped out scanning my 2001 map of Texas and searching for my Best of Prince cd.  Don’t judge.   I could tell you the rest of what’s there, but then I’d hafta kill ya. Lol.)