Are you wondering how it could possibly be Monday again?  Yeah, me, too.  But I think we need to ban together and promote a Monday Siesta Rule.  What do you think?  I’m all for a Monday afternoon long-lunch-nap-time situation.  I think it’s what America needs.  I’m on board.

And apparently, so is this guy.


In fact, he took Monday Siesta to a whole new level by whipping off his hat, slappin’ himself on a bed in a booth right in the middle of a state fair to saw some logs.  Flocks of people stood around watching him sleep with a light laugh until his cell phone rang, woke him up, and he took a call right then and there.  Damn spouses wondering where you’re at when you’re just trying to get a little shut-eye. Lol.

So here’s to sneakin’ in a Monday Siesta.  I won’t tell.

Happy Monday!