Okay, yes, it’s Monday, and we’d all rather be in bed, but we’re not…

So at least we can be happy that Duck Dynasty is back on with new episodes for a whole new season!  You can squander this Wednesday night with a new episode and probably catch up on last week’s, too.  And… here’s the kicker:  there are overly attractive Duck Dynasty pajamas, t-shirts, ties, and boxers easily attained at your favorite Walmart, Shopko, or well, anywhere.  Probably if you look hard enough, there are suspenders, thongs, and shoestrings, too.  (Yes, I did say thongs.  Now isn’t that a thought for a Monday?)

duck dynasty boxers

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the show, you should.  Although the scraggly beards are as off-putting as 20-year-old browning tighty whities, it really is a great show – it encourages faith, it makes your family seem normal, and you can’t go wrong with that Southern charm.  I promise you it will make you Hap-pay, Hap-pay, Hap-pay!

And with that said, Happy Monday to you and yours!