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Okay, I have to ask.  What’s your summer guilty pleasure?  And by guilty pleasure, I’m referring to something you are quietly, but completely obsessed with to the point of making your husband retrieve it or your kids go away so you can enjoy it! Lol.


In the winter, I have to have hot chocolates from Starbucks on Sunday mornings.  I live in a hoodie, and I start thinking of Christmas in October.  In the summer though, it’s a whole different ball game.  Don’t know about you, but some of my not-so-secret faves stay the same year after year, and some change with the times.


What’s putting a smile on your face these days?  For me, every summer is about pool outings with friends even though they’ve been few and far between this summer.  Project Runway is also always an addiction with me, as is grilling and sweet corn on the cob!  Yum.   Of course, I love me some tanning time and LazyBoy time.  I’m a big fan of naps, too, but have tried to stay off that path this summer as they don’t provide siestas at work.  Damn it!


However, I did find replacement loves!  This summer’s new finds are strawberry smoothies from Panera and NBC’s new summer show, Camp.  I am equally in love with both!  I adore my husband, but I think they both rank on the list pretty close to him. Ha ha.  I simply pass the strawberry smoothie off as my fruit intake for the day and Camp is my too-old-to-still-be-watching-Saved-by-the-Bell re-runs but too-young-to-be-watching-Matlock episodes-kind-of fun.  And well, I hate to admit it.  It feels like I’m cheating on Dairy Queen so shhh…  Don’t tell anybody, but I’m way in lust with Freddy’s soft chocolate custard, too.  OMG!


But I have to know:  what are you secretly loving on right now?  Are you into watermelon frappachinos?  Do you bask in a kiddy pool tucked away in your backyard every afternoon?  Is there a daily bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream?  Or a secret rendezvous with a summer romance novel each morning?  Or a Summer Shandy on the deck after a long day?  Is there a hot girl you check out at the tomato stand?  Are you finally catching up on all your back issues of People magazine or learning to play croquet because it’s the next retro-cool, yuppy trend?


What’s got your motor runnin’ or your boat a-floatin’ or your hate-o-meter on low? I gotta know!