Last day of July…Holy Cow!  How the hell did that happen?

So here it is –  the last day of the blogger challenge, and I’m supposed to reflect on the month.  To which, I say Holy Crapoly!  The month flew by, but when I realized that I went from Galena, IL with the college girls to Shorthorn Jr. Nationals in Des Moines to Table Rock Lake, MO, then I think I was home for a week before County Fair hit, there was the landscaping in front of our house, then a fast roadtrip to Mall of America, boating on the Missouri River, and am finishing it up celebrating 96 years of a wonderful man’s life.  And somewhere in there, I wrote.

I’ve chatted with fellow challenge folks, posted more in a month than I ever do, I’ve got some new ideas for posts coming up, and I didn’t even have to be drunk all month to make it all happen! Lol.  Of course, I do have a regret – I am not a Kentucky fried shade of tan.  Damn it!  Oh well, guess I’ll be a pasty chicken instead.

I guess there was one epiphany.  It has come to my attention that I may be more of a blogger than an author, at least at this point in time.  So I am going to redirect my efforts and channel them for bad (in all the good ways!) which means more posts for you (and possibly more begging for readers and followers).

Beyond that, I’m a sucker for reflection.  Well, unless it’s the mirror kind – as I mentioned, I’m pretty pale right now and all those travels meant some really wonderfully fattening food! Lol.  Of course, when it comes to the other kind of reflection – the kind where you’re actually supposed to have some deep thoughts, most of mine happens on my birthday or New Year’s or after I said something highly inappropriate to someone without thinking.  Then, I typically reflect and play it back endlessly in my head wondering why I didn’t say something/anything else.  InsertFootInMouthItis is definitely a disease I acquired at a young age.   Guess it’s better than a foot fungus though, right?

Okay, so clearly I’m rambling and clearly, July is history and August is well on its way to making me hate it. Lol.

So to recap the reflection:  I wasn’t at home much.  I wrote some.  I realized I’m better at being chatty than literary.  I ate a lot of food.  I’m too pale to go back to work and not be a ghost in time for Halloween.  And I’m dreading August.

What about you?  Any reflection you’d like to share? Any August hate you’d like to mention?  Let’s hear it!