So my friend, Carol Early Cooney, tapped me on the shoulder to do a “writer tell all” blog hop.  (Thanks, Carol, for thinking me worthy.  I think that means I owe you brownies or a drink!)  Pretty sure you don’t want me to tell all, but… Basically, I’m just supposed to answer 3 questions and pay it forward to 3 others.  Easy enough, but you know me – I had to be a smart ass.

What am I working on? 

That’s a good one.  Besides my tan, I’m working on not being in a full panic about having to back to work next week!  Oh, probably not the answer you were looking for.  My current WIP (work in progress for normal people) is a chick lit novel about a 30-something trying to find how to be happy.  Hardest thing I’ve ever written.  Of course, I’m also trying to stockpile some blogs, too, for when I go back to work and feel too run-over-by-a-truck to write.  And then there are all those other random ideas that pop into my head that I have to write down.  Plus, I also have a fun poetry with matching photos book I’m putting together.  That may actually get done. Lol.

How does my writing process work?

I think it stalls right before publishing. Lol.  As for how I write, well, with lots of voice and with a lack of grammatical concern. Lol.  However, there are 2 ways I approach it.  One:  I like to write in my head while I’m exercising and then get it to paper ASAP.  Second:  I love a day where I can plant myself in my hubby’s LazyBoy and just write all day.  That’s my fave thing – a whole free day to just write.  Later on, I’ll go back and re-read and edit.  I edit a lot as I go.  It’s either that or I have to wait 6 months to forget what I wrote so I have a fresh eye to either be shocked I came up with that great stuff or horrified and edit it.  But I’m kind of a procrastinator when it comes to submitting and writing queries.  Something about that whole “you suck” response I don’t much care for. Lol.

What authors do you admire?

So I suppose I’m not supposed to say Dr. Seuss?  Too bad.  I do think he’s rockstar.  He and Shakespeare get total credit in my book – if you can span eras and still be loved, you deserve mentioned in my book.  As for more current, I am in awe of Jen Lancaster.  She has a charm that makes people flock to her.  I want that!  And obviously, she makes me laugh.

So who am I nominating?

Jeannine Bergers Everett – otherwise known as Momaiku – OMG!  She’s hysterical and the queen of haiku about things teenagers say.

Annie Jones  – in blog world known as  Dear Helen Hartman – If you’re looking for Southern charm meets retro lifestyle – you’ve found the right girl!  Love her!

Jen Schneider – mommy blogger and co-worker, Liv, Laugh, Love is all about her life as a mom and a teacher and she gives away free stuff.  Yes, I said free!


I have more but they said 3 and we all know I’m such a rule-follower. 🙂