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Big City Slicker or Small Town Podunk?  A while back I asked my readers about blog topics, and Colleen suggested I tell about the difference between living in the ‘burbs vs. the country.  It’s a topic I consider quite often as my intentions were never to still be living the city life at this point, but here I am.

Mostly, I have the benefits of both – here I have a short commute to work every day and still have a pretty short drive to my hometown to reap the fun of it, as well.

If you asked me what the city has to offer, there’s just one big thing: convenience!

-fast internet

-2 miles to work

-3 miles to Starbucks

-And you can actually get pizza delivered in this zip code! Lol.

The other credit I will give to city life is anonymity.  If I want to hide in my house, nobody knows.  It’s not like Niki down the road will say to Dana, “Oh, yeah, I just saw her car go by, I’m sure she’s home by now.”  You laugh, but that’s how it works in a small town.  Not only that, but if I want to lay out in a bikini, there’s no worries of anyone seeing it or even concerned enough to post it on a fb whale watching page.  I’m just a nameless person living my own little life.

That said, in my opinion, city life doesn’t hold a candle to the country life.  There’s a sense of community that you just don’t get living in a metro area.  I have no obligation to the city of Omaha.  They’re holding a bake sale?  Who cares?  Oakland’s having a bake sale to raise funds for Alice’s sister’s niece that has leukemia?  Yeah, I’m there.  Where are Grandma Charlotte’s cinnamon twists?  I want those or Nancy’s peach pie.

That’s the thing about small towns.  You know everybody or at least most everybody, you know their secrets, their flaws, their victories, and maybe even what time they stop in at Casey’s for their coffee or their 6-pack (shh, don’t tell).  And if you see their car, you wave or you honk when you go by their house.  It’s polite, and it’s what we do.  If we run into each other at the grocery store, there’s a short chat.  If somebody’s walking by that just moved into town, we ask them if they moved into the old Smith place and invite them to church on Sunday, easily included in our convo.  To me, that’s the biggest difference between city and small town:  when you’re friendly or even nosy in a small town, you’re not being creepy, you’re being neighborly.

And I’m all for neighborly especially because we probably went to school together or I know your mom and dad or we were in 4-H together.  It’s a small world out there, and that makes it trustworthy.  There’s no question who I’ll take my car to if it needs worked on, where I’ll get my haircut, or who to buy my sweet corn from.  There’s a comfort in small town America.

So why do I live in the city?  I’m lazy.  I like being close to work, and well, I want to spare you all the bikini. Lol.  Happy Sunday!