Okay, I’ll say it:  goals suck!  Sure, I know how to write them.  I did plenty of it in 9 years of 4-H (of course, I wrote them after I finished the project lol), and even now, my boss requires them, but you know what?  I still hate them!

I’m not trying to be negative, but I am a fairly self-motivated person.  Catch me on a Sunday afternoon and you might think otherwise, but in the big scheme of things, I think I am.  And you know what happens when I set goals?  I become completely discontented.  My mind will tease me with what I haven’t accomplished until I’ve reached the goal, given up completely, or failed miserably.  And when I fail at reaching my goals, I suddenly don’t like myself a whole lot.  So goals are a vicious circle in my world.

But supposedly we’re better people, more accomplished, and more motivated when we set them…


We’re better people when we quit thinking about ourselves, help others, do things that make us happy in turn making others happy to be around us, and doing the right thing.

Now, I won’t sit here and be all high and mighty or judgmental.  Goals are probably good.  They just aren’t good for me because I set the bar too high.  Think I’m wrong?  You be the judge:

Goal 1 – be a successful writer bringing in substantial $ so I can make sure money is no object, or at least no concern, to any of my family members

Goal 2 – be confident in myself

Goal 3 – be all things to all people

I could go on, but I think you can see in a matter of 3 goals, I am completely unrealistic and in over my head.  I really don’t like admitting that to you or anybody else, but I know we all feel like that sometimes.  Sure, I could set those “attainable” goals about numbers of blog followers and facebook page likes, but at the end of the day, it’s not the numbers that matter.  It’s what I believe that matters.  And some days I believe I’m making progress, some days I feel like I should probably not go outside of my house, and some days I’m just happy being me sitting on my ass on my couch knowing I made people laugh.

So today, today, I’m making goals that I like, that won’t make me bitter and might make you wanna join in:

Goal #1 – Eat more DQ ice cream cones when I’m feeling down

Goa l#2 – Car dance to more songs on my way to work

Goal #3 – Smile more when I’m really ready to chuck a flying object at someone’s head

There.  Those are mine.  What are yours?