So I don’t know about you, but I get tired of listening to everyone gripe about Christmas at Christmas time.  All the blah, blah, blah about money, gifts, relatives you don’t like, and being too busy gets everybody’s panties in a wad.  I myself am on the other side of the coin or panties, as the case may be.  I love Christmas!  In fact, I love it so much, I’m all about a little Christmas in July especially if it can spare me from complaints mid-December.

So…you’ve got 4 days left to make it a sweaty Christmas tradition!  What can you do to save us from your usual Christmas rant, fatigue, and underachieving ways?  Let me tell you!


*You can take your kids that are currently driving you crazy to Target or Wally World or wherever you go and let them pick out toys and have them write an early letter to Santa (practice those writing skills in the summer – woo-hoo!).  You can tell them they will be the first of the season to get to him.  He’ll be sure to handle their wishes (the stuff they pick out now will definitely be on clearance by then!!).

*Make that Christmas music mix cd you say you’re going to make every year that you never quite get done because of time restraints.  Besides, the music is even cheaper right now!  (Oh, but I totally understand if you want to wait till October since I’m sure you’ll be adding Duck the Halls off the Duck Dynasty Christmas Album.  Yes, it’s happening!)

*Here’s a thought:  Put money in the Christmas fund now so you’re not all bitter and bitchy come December!

*To add on to that thought:  How ‘bout you buy some Groupons for places you know you typically shop at during the holidays to save a little moola.  Dave Ramsey would be so proud.

*Or if you want to be a true frugalista or frugalist (is that right?), you could make shit!  Okay, so not shit, but you could make up those sugar cookies (just put a piece of bread in the container to keep them fresh), fudge to throw in the freezer, jellies or jams (feel free to send those my way), banana breads, that t-shirt quilt, or even the best door wreath ever for your friends.  Wouldn’t it feel good to have that done now?  Wouldn’t it be cool to finally do some of the crap off of Pinterest instead of just wishing a genie would magically handle that?

*Hey, you could even prep the address labels for the annual Christmas letters.  (Just make sure you check for divorcees before you print in November! Haha.)

*And speaking of prepping, are you going on a vacation?  Pack the Santa hats and snap that fam photo on the lake while you still all have tan fat instead of the pasty white stuff mid-December when nobody has time to take a damn picture anyway!

*Or what about movie night?  There are all those awesome Christmas movies that you never actually have time to watch in December. Why not break them out and make it a hot night of cool fun?  I highly recommend National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Look around you.  We’re at the threshold of hell.), Christmas with the Kranks (Frosty!  Frosty!), and Holiday Inn (I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…).  We’ve even been known to put on our Christmas t-shirts and hunt down the Christmas napkins and plates to put on a party.  And I’m certainly not above turning on that string of Christmas lights that’s been on the house since Christmas.  Might as well make use of it, right?

*Oh, and it’s never a bad time to do a little early Christmas shopping.  You buy everybody alcohol, right?  That’ll keep just fine till Christmas (unless of course you slurp it up like your regular pre-holiday tradition).  Just be sure to buy yourself a bottle, too.  Nothing wrong with having some hard eggnog or a mistletoe martini on movie night!


So there you have it.  Just a sprinkling of ideas to make you saner in December and make me less bitchy that everyone else is bitchy about celebrating Jesus’ birth.  (Kinda made you feel bad there, didn’t I?  Guilt is a beautiful thing. Lol)

Okay, me and Barry Manilow are off to sing some Christmas carols. Happy Christmas in July!


Got any other great tips for a semi-calm Christmas ala July overachieving?  Tell me about ’em.  Or if you’ve done any of these this month, let me know!  Or, if you think this is ridiculous and you have better things to do right now, then tell me what you’re doing!  You know I like to know.