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On Mondays, I’m pretty sure all of us are looking for Fridays.  At the beginning of the week, we can’t wait for the end of the work week.  Then we hit the weekend and at the beginning of the weekend, we are making plans and having some adult beverages.   But then Sunday comes around and we’re dreading the end of the weekend.  So what does that mean?

Don’t know about you, but it pretty much means I have a love-hate relationship with beginnings.

The thing about beginnings is that they always lead to endings sooner or later.  Sometimes, I’m happy about that…and sometimes, I’m not.

More cases in point: 

Beginning:  Every summer vacation when I can be on my own schedule, I am super pumped, but my to-do list makes me freak out!

Ending:  Going back to work sucks.  The end.  There’s no better way to say it.

Beginning:  Falling in love where you don’t sleep and your stomach quivers thinking about it so much that you don’t even feel the urge to shovel food in your face.  Woo-hoo to that!

Ending:  I better be the first to go.  That’s all I have to say.

Beginning:  Rydell High.  Danny Zuko was at the beach all summer?  Oh, yeah, I love it.

Ending:  Do your hand jive.  And just try to sing louder than me.  Just don’t expect me to put on any hot pants.  (Dear God.  Nobody wants that!)   Love the end almost as much as the beginning.  It’s the middle with beauty school drop-out I could do without.

Beginning:  The first drink with a plate of cheesy bread in front of me.  Um, yeah, I’m in.

Ending:  Wow.  I might be too old for this…

Beginning:  ROADTRIP!

Ending:  Are we ever going to get there?  Are we home yet?  It’s going to take me a month to do laundry.

Beginning:  Sure, I can do a blogger challenge!  I’m all about it!  I need to write more!

Ending:  Holy cow!  I never realized I was so busy all the time.  No wonder I never get anything written…

Beginning:  Jan. 2013 – Woo-hoo!  The year I finally become successful!  Resolution #1…

Ending:  Dec. 2013 – What the hell did I do all year?  Maybe next year’s resolution should be to put shit in my smartphone so I have a record of it…

Okay, so you get the point.  I could do this all day.  Beginnings are often fun, but often an anxious time for me, too.  I’m always nervous about something new and different and I’m always tired at the end of something.  Then again, sometimes, I’m damn happy about things being done, too.

Most of the time, at least in my life, I can’t really control beginnings or endings.  They just have to play out.  Sometimes, it goes okay.  Sometimes, I think I’m at the 3rd level of Hell, but life goes on.  Whether you Robert Frost it or John Cougar Mellancamp it, it happens.  Best wishes on finding a happy appreciation for it…