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Purses:  love them or hate them?  Now, you guys are probably thinking this topic so does not pertain to you, but I bet you have an opinion.  And ladies, I’m sure you do!

I mean, I know guys that love having a wife with a big purse who can stash soda and microwave popcorn in her bag when they go to the movies.  I also know some guys who expect their wife to be the official toter of all family items on vacation or anywhere for that matter – sandwiches, diapers, the camera, band-aids, and the sunscreen he refuses to wear until it’s too late.

But I also know a few guys who like a woman sans purse.  It screams low-maintenance.   Plus, there are no embarrassing moments where your wife asks you to hold her purse while she takes your child to go potty or while she takes a picture of the Statue of Liberty and, of course, there’s no waiting around in line at a concert to have the dreaded purse search by security.

So everyone, what do you think?  Are you pro- or anti-purse?

I ask because my friend just broke down and bought her first purse.  It was a huge step in admitting she can’t keep all the crap rounded up anymore for a family of 4 without one.  However, there’s a lot to be said for a quick escape out the door without having to hunt down a purse.  I, myself, finally agreed to carrying a billfold with my phone this year.  It nearly killed me.  I can still fit my billfold and phone in my two back pockets but I look like I have monkey butt.  It is quite hard to admit I can no longer travel light enough that my I.D. and some cash isn’t enough to function on anymore.  Old age really is a bitch. Lol.

So what do you think?  Is it just one more thing to remember before getting out the door?  Is it just that thing you spend hours digging through to find something that results in dirty fingernails after scraping the bottom of it ending up only finding a Lego and some hand sanitizer instead of your Angel’s card you were looking for?  Or is it your lifeblood?  Would you be lost without your baby?  Does it keep everything except your kitchen sink contained in one nice tidy place so that you could win Let’s Make a Deal?  Seriously.   I know women that keep the usual stuff like money, tampons, phones, and some lip gloss and then I know women that keep all of that plus a full make-up kit, pens, post-it notes, a sleeve of crackers, sugar packets, a flashlight, a wrench, safety pins, and possibly a side-of-beef on any given day.  It sincerely makes me laugh to watch people go through their purse.

Of course, then there are the ladies who have to have a different purse to match the outfit and have what I call remains in each bag.  Their comb got left in the pink Prada, their checkbook is in the American flag bling purse, and the lipstick they really wanted is in the Coach purse they swore never to tell their husband how much they paid for it.  These women crack me up, too.  My grandma had to match her purse and shoes.  And I have always appreciated a woman who knows how to keep her accessories working for her, but purses just seem like too much effort for this girl.  Now that’s not to say it won’t happen.  I have been known to carry a “bag” in a vacation situation, but I hate it every time I do it.  It feels out of character, like Candy Spelling in a dive country bar – it just doesn’t work for me.  But somehow, I think I’m in the minority.  Am I right?

Are you all purse lovers and carriers?  I’m snoopy.  I need to know. 🙂