Games?  My favorite kind of games are the ones people play with themselves.  Do I sleep with this guy knowing he slept with my best friend a year ago?  Do I tell the boss I have a migraine because my friend wants to leave a few hours early for our trip to Chicago?  Is it okay to have the whole carton of ice cream?  It’s the lowfat kind so it’s half the calories and I did eat a salad for lunch.

Everybody plays games.  My family plays pinochle.  It’s a long standing tradition, and I love it.  I love thinking my way through the game, but I’m not above a good game of Yahtzee or skeeball, too.  Big fan of skeeball.  I have zero talent at it, but who cares?  Of course, just last week I played my first game ever of air hockey.  I’m so on-board with that!  Yeah, I’m pretty much on board with anything that involves a game, except mind games.  I never seem to win at those. Lol.

So what games do you play with yourself?  Oh, let me rephrase that before I get some really “bad” answers (lol):  what mind games do you play with yourself?

Are they usually about whether it’s okay to ditch a family function or one of those Pampered Chef/Tupperware/Change-the-color-of-your-flip-flops parties?  Or do you taunt yourself into running an extra mile because you remember that you’re going to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch?  Do you tell yourself that it’s okay to watch the new episode of your fave show because you can always get up an hour early to do laundry even though you know full-well you’ll hit the snooze instead?

Or are you one of those?  Are you one of those that just gets mad at someone else when you have to make a decision?  Do you project?  As in:  It’s all your fault that I procrastinated on writing my blog today because I really wanted to make sure I wrote a piece you’d be impressed by and now here we are at the end of the day, and I have shit to show you.  It’s all on you, not the fact that I was distracted by the pool, a Wally World run, and HGTV.  Ha ha.

I am not one of those that projects, but I am one of those that has the angel and devil duking it out every day in my head.  My husband says, “you don’t have to justify it to me” about a million times a week.  Clearly, I overanalyze, so I guess that’s why I like watching others play those games.  It’s much more enjoyable to watch someone else argue with their demons than it is to deal with mine. Lol.

The good news for all of us is that games keep your mind fresh.  Of course, then there’s the whole thing about which definition of “fresh” we should go by, but for now, I’m off to play Scramble with Friends on my phone.  I’ll admit it.  Now, will you?