So as you might have figured out, I pretty much avoid topics like politics, religion, education, and baseball, but here I am doing a month blogging challenge and today’s topic is faith.  So do I talk about those things?  Hell, no.  I’ll stick to my avoidance, thank you very much.

So what do I have faith in?  I have faith that there will continue to be bad drivers in the world and men will continue to blame women for it. Lol.

I believe we will never have to worry about a shortage of people on earth because I have faith that men will never quit wanting to have sex with women, and we will continue to let them so we have control over them, or because it’s fun…  Shocker, huh?

What else do I have faith in?  Ice cream and chocolate and Kenny Chesney songs.  When things are bad, ice cream and chocolate go a long way towards making a person feel better.  And if you need to forget it’s 50 below zero out and you hate your ex, a Kenny Chesney island song puts you someplace else.

I believe in warm, homemade bread, milk with chocolate chip cookies, curling up in blankets on the couch, marriage, the right pair of jeans making you feel good about the day, tan fat looking better than white fat, a little cussing when you hit your thumb with a hammer, and the power of a kitten persuading even the crankiest of old men.

When it comes to faith, I have faith in my parents loving me, my husband always looking out for me, and my inevitable ability to spill spaghetti or ribs on my new white t-shirts.  Lol.

Most of all, I believe in trying to do the right thing.  My husband often asks me what I got myself into now, and I always give him the same reason for whatever I got myself (or us) into:  I’d want them to do that for me if I asked.

Everyone believes in something or someone, and faith has a different meaning for all, but at the end of the day, I do have a deep faith.

I have faith that my Duck Dynasty awaits me.  And I have faith in you, my readers.  Thank you for giving me a reason to have faith as a writer…

And for the record, although I won’t bring it up again, I believe in God the Father infinite in wisdom, power, and love.  May all those come to you as needed.