Red Solo Cup - I'll fill you up...with May Day goodies...


Here’s the song of the summer:

I have officially found this year’s version of Red Solo Cup!  My friend’s blog challenge for today was to write about music.  Thank you, Montgomery Gentry, for not only providing me with the perfect song to write about but also making me laugh my ass off.

You absolutely have to listen to this song!  Not only did it make me giggle, but I am jealous of its creativity and marketing strategy.  The double entendres and the innuendo are to die for.  Those are the things that a girl like me loves (not the titties, but the creativity)!

For those of you who haven’t listened to it yet, it’s about their uncle thinking up the idea to sell beer called Titty’s Beer.  Now, I know there are some people who are immediately offended by the whole concept and all I can say is:  fun haters!  Go back to your anti-TV, gluten-free, non-hair-cut way of life and get over it.  The rest of us are going to take the light-heartedness that was intended and continue to love country music.

For the record, I can only imagine that somebody is back at his brewery right now trying to get the patent to make that beer.  You’ll be drinking it next summer!  And I can’t wait for Weird Al or the Duck Dynasty guys or the Senior Golf Tour men or somebody to do the mocking Uncle Titty’s beer video with old men rubbing their chests.  God help us, you know it’s coming! Lol.  Forget Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, there’s a new ditty in town.  (Yes, I said “ditty” not titty. Lol.)

So break out your tight t-shirts and your koozies, we’ve got a song to drink to!