Okay, so I can’t believe I’m doing this knowing what a can of worms this is sure to open up as I can only imagine the imaginations some of you hold, but, as I say pretty much every day about everything in my life:  What the Hell!  (although it’s usually got a question mark after it or an f-word instead of an exclamation point)

So I’m participating in Jen Schneider’s blog challenge and my challenge for today is that I’m supposed to let you ask me anything you want and tomorrow I will be answering your questions in a little Q & A session.  So bring ‘em on!

Do you want advice on marriage or dealing with teenagers?  Do you want to know my Great-Aunt’s grand-daughters’ names?  Are you secretly harboring questions about my double life as a blogger/trophy-wife wanna-be?  Do you need someone to point you on the path to a perfect gift for a loved one?  Do you want to know what I have in common with Michael Jordan?  Or do you need me to meet your future spouse to make sure they are worthy of you? 

Well, here I am asking a bunch of questions when that is what I actually need you to do instead.  So plant your questions down here in the comment section and tomorrow you will have your answers. (assuming they are not pornographic in nature, profane is okay, pornographic is not – lol)