4th of july 2011 031

Happy 4th of July weekend!  Would you believe that some people put Independence Day ahead of Christmas on their list of likes?  I can only assume it’s because July 4th is an equal opportunity holiday.  There’s benefits for everyone.

Apparently, some people like it because there’s no buying of presents involved in the holiday.  (selfish bastards – lol)

More like it because they can grill (throw a wiener on for me –lol), drink beer (duh), and avoid having to get up early to throw a turkey in the oven or wash dishes after the fact (women’s work I’ve been told – ug).

Some like it because they get to blow up things and play with fire (cough, cough, men).  Some like the noise the blowing up of things makes (boys and grown-up boys).  The others like the glittery, shiny lights that result from blowing up things (females).

Others like it because there’s usually a parade involved (free candy… and koozies if you’re lucky and if you’re not, just belly up with your red solo cup).

A select few like it because it’s their excuse to wear their red, white, and blue bikinis in the name of being patriotic (skinny bitches).

There’s probably a lot that enjoy it because they get the day off.  (All summer off, baby!  Rocks to be me.)

Rumor has it, there’s something called a sun that shines most years instead of braving blizzards to get to your family (chickens).

It also seems that a ton of you go on a mini-vacay in honor of 4th of July.  (Don’t forget your sunscreen if you don’t want to be a peeling fire-truck come Monday.)

Of course there’s also that whole Thank-God-we’re-Americans thing which I absolutely cannot say enough!  Thank God for freedom, for men and women that fight to give me the right to part-tay, for forefathers that developed The United States of America with the Midwest right in the heart of it all, and for songs written by Lee Greenwood which I’m sure will make me tear up when the fireworks go off to it on Thursday.

So, yeah, maybe that’s why people like Independence Day.  Who knew?


Got some more reasons to like 4th of July weekend?  Let’s hear ‘em.



P.S. – (love to the Shellburgs, too, for creating the float in the picture – well done!)