Okay, I can think of a million reasons why we should probably hate summer, and yet not one of them sways me the least bit from my obsessive-compulsive-Bieber-stalkeresque-love for summer.

Sure, list ‘em off.  There’s hot weather that makes you burn your ass on leather car seats (why didn’t Christian Grey think of that one??? Lol).  There’s the humidity that sucks the breath right out of you and ruins any semblance of non-scary-looking hair (Yeah, why isn’t Halloween in summer?).  There’s having to buy swimsuits and see yourself in the mirror (gulp, gulp, ug)!!  There’s butt sweat, boob sweat, ball sweat, even ear sweat (yeah, let that sink in a moment)…  There’s sunburns that make you look like a Kentucky-fried…lobster.  And don’t even get me started on worms, snakes (eek!!!), mosquitos, gnats, spiders, crickets, and flies.  But all that being said, I just don’t care.  I love me some summer!

Seriously, you know you love summer, too.  How could we not?  The flip side of all those horrors is that we get:

*Vacations – family bonding in a car for 10 hours, camping in a rainstorm, seeing the Grand Canyon just like The Brady Bunch did!

*Summer songs – tell me your mood doesn’t lift when Kid Rock sings All Summer Long or you hear Cruise on the way home from work.  (I’m also obsessed w/ Keith Urban’s new one and Sheryl Crowe’s)

*Driving – we can actually drive some place without the threat of ice, a blizzard, or needing a pack mule for our 5000 parkas, mittens, gloves, hats, and blankets.

*The sun – it does wonders for our moods, and as I always say, tan fat looks better than white fat!!

*Grilling and adult beverages – no dishes, grilled meat, and bottles in koozies after a long hot day? Hell yeah!  You’re speaking my language!

*Water “sports” – swimming, tanking, tubing, skiing, fishing, boating, wet t-shirt contests – What’s not to love?

*Colors other than gloomy gray or snow white – it’s everywhere – flowers, flags, flip-flops, and most importantly – those fruity frozen drinks!

*And let us not forget, summer is our daily excuse for ICE CREAM!!!  And really, what needs to be said after that????

That being said, you probably well know, this week marks the “official” beginning of summer.  If you haven’t “tied it on” yet by participating in these gems, get on it!  Your summer awaits you!


Did I forget some things?  What’s your favorite thing about summer?  Are you planning a big trip? Do you have big plans I’ll be jealous of?  Now’s your chance to speak up and brag a little!