It totally happened!  Finally!  I stayed up too late.  I rolled outta bed to sunshine, the weekend, and warm weather!  Hello, good times!

I have that excited, unsettled, I-might-actually-have-a-date-with-a-cute-boy feeling over the belief that I may have shaved my legs for a good reason!  My white fat is going to be tan fat!  Woo-hoo!

And even better, we are a short few days away from May Day, one of my absolute favorite holidays!  I love the onset of summer!  I love surprising people with unexpected food or drinks or gifts or the knowledge that I actually give a shit about them!  Yee-haw!

Yes, clearly, I am pumped!  This was the winter that became the same song, second verse, it doesn’t get better, it just gets worse!  Ug.  I am ready to find me some Vitamin D, baby!  Bring on the ice cream cones, the flip flops, and the sun!

And while you’re at it, bring on a few May Day surprises for your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and your spouse or children – yes, don’t forget them!  They count!

So you’re sayin’ you need ideas?  No problem.  Hopefully, you’ve checked out my throwback posts from prior years, and if you have and those weren’t enough, no worries – I have fresh ideas to add to the pile!

It’s time to get your Pinterest on!  When all else fails, type in May Day and scan the creative projects!  But if you’re too lazy, I still have some options:

How ‘bout adding some game apps, itunes, or reading material to your kid’s ipod or your spouse’s tablet?

(Please note my shameless self-promotion as your kid might like my 20-day countdown verse novella to summer vacation you can buy here!)

book cover

Or you can go backwoods redneck and drop off a “redneck ice bucket” to the guys in your life (tell me a beer in an iced cottage cheese container is not hysterical).  Guarantee not one of them will complain about a cold adult beverage, no matter how it’s packaged!

photo (44)

Or maybe you know a diva?  Or 10?  Nothing will make May Day better than crowning her with her very own May Day tiara!

photo (43)

Have a friend with kids?  Put a coupon to babysit on their doorstep and you might find yourself being mugged instead of a mere hug over that one!

Still not satisfied?  Fine.  Take it up a notch, but you might have to spend a couple of bucks. Recycle the old Easter basket (aka get it off the steps to the attic).  Fill it with chocolate chip cookies for the sweet tooth, packets of seeds for the gardener, golf balls for the mad putter down the street, can koozies for the drinker, nail polish for the girly girls, or microwave popcorn and Easy Mac for the non-cooker on your list.

Heck, you can even take the easy way out and simply send a YouTube video or an e-card ala Hallmark.  It still counts.

I, myself, have been too busy coming up with ideas for you and have not a clue what I’ll be bestowing upon people, but I wager it may or may not involve chocolate or alcohol.  Just sayin’.

So, break out the fun.  Break out the baskets.  Let’s get this May Day party started!

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Happy May Day!