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It’s Prom season and I can’t help but think about the old days.  It’s funny to me what we remember and what we’ve blocked out to avoid seeking psychiatric help.  It’s even funnier to me to listen to parents tell their kids that prom doesn’t matter when we all know we were horrified to hear that come out of our own parents’ mouths!  Plus, I call “bullshit” on that statement.  It does matter.  I guarantee if you wore a ruffly tux and had a mullet, people have revived the pictures on Facebook!  We all remember – good or bad.  Am I right?  Let’s see.


Q:  What did you wear to prom? 

My A:  Junior year, I wore a hot pink and purple dress that I bought at Worth’s that became Vanity in Mall of the Bluffs for $15.  I then received a very large photo of it on my locker the next week as apparently somebody was shocked…or appalled.  Not sure which. Lol. Senior year, my mom made my dark green and white dress because everything else was too flowery. (And yes, I still avoid flowers!)

Your answer?


Q:  Who’d you go to prom with?

My A:  Junior year, I went with my two best female friends at school – Jennifer and Julie.  Senior year, I went with the best guy I knew at that point in my life (besides my dad), Brad.  (He may or may not have taken pity on me and I’m okay with that!)

Your answer?


Q:  What was the theme? 

My A:  As a junior, it was Medieval Nights.  I still have the t-shirt to prove it. Lol.  Senior year:  Ummm….  Somebody out there tell me.  All I know is that it wasn’t Hippos on Parade or Redneck Dance Party (which I would have totally been down with, of course!)

Your answer?


Q:  What was someone else wearing?

My A:  Jenny wore a strapless dress with feathers around the top and Cecily made her own “scandalous” dress with skin showing between her breasts.  Sorry, Cec, that was pretty big for small town America. Lol.  My sister told me that her friend, Dave, wore a powder blue tux!  I will not reference Dumb and Dumber as it was pre-movie and I like Dave. Lol.

Your answer?


Q:  What keepsakes did you get?

My A:  I got t-shirts both years and one year, thanks to the guy running the table at After Prom Casino Night (who is now my brother-in-law) I also won a microwave for college.  My room stunk of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and popcorn most of freshman year thanks to that thing!

Your answer?


Q:  What’s your favorite geek-transformed-into-beautiful person high school movie?

My A:  Probably going to have to go with Pretty in Pink.  Everyone should have a Blane.  (It’s not an appliance – lol)

Your answer?


Final Question:  What would you do differently?

My A:  Wear high heels or flip-flops like the girls do now.  Too bad I didn’t realize I wasn’t fat back then.   Oh, or I may have hijacked my husband. Ha ha.

Your answer?


Okay, so tell me you aren’t having flashbacks and tell me it’s not important.  You can’t.  Why else do they have all those second-chance proms and 80’s Prom musicals?  Exactly.


Ferris was right:  Life moves pretty fast, it’s okay to stop and watch the Grand Marche with a few flashbacks from yesteryear.  You don’t want to miss it.




And now you need to share those memories!  Put your answers in the comment section so we can all relive them with you!  Feel free to post pics, too!  Or if you have an extra little dish about your prom, we’ll take that, too!  We love a good laugh!