Will you be my friend? 

Yes, I truly think that might be the weeniest thing ever said.  Who wants to be a pansy and put themselves out there like that?  And who wants to be needy?  I’m no octo-mom.

But whether I want to or not, I’m doing it.

Will you be my friend?

I’m asking because writing is one of those things that depends on other people actually reading it.  And I need you.  A friend of mine told me that I needed to spell it out for everyone because I’m normally not a person people consider might need help.  (Okay, mentally:  possibly, but not beyond that!)

If you know me very well, you know that I hate to ask for help, or anything else for that matter:  directions, advice, more dessert, etc.  So you have to know that the last thing I want to do is ask you to help me out, but all the writing gurus tell me I need a tribe:  a group of people to back me up and spread the word.

This next week is my 3 year anniversary of being a blogger.  Although my stats are better, I have a long way to go.  (and a short time to get there…Sorry, I can’t not sing that.  Go, Bandit, go.)  So here I am asking for your assistance.  All I ask is that you read my blog.  If you want to share it, too, I’d be more than thankful.  If you want to follow it and have an email sent every time I do a new blog, that would be fab, too.  Or if you want to tell somebody at work that they need to get up in my blog (did that sound better than grill?), I’d be thrilled with that, as well.  What I need is people talking about me.  (Please note my terror and flashbacks of all the rumors once spread.  Ug.)

Now, I know that when you ask for help, you better be willing to return the favor.  The writing gurus also insist that I need to offer or provide you with something.  I’ve considered that aspect a lot.  I can’t offer you money.  I don’t have it to offer.  I’ll gladly bribe you with brownies but only if you live close enough for me to deliver.  (I can’t afford the postal service either.)  I’m terrible at arts and crafts.  I refuse to clean.  I’d offer to do your laundry but ew!  I’ll gladly take your picture and I’ll put it on facebook for sure! (ha ha)  However, I’m not traveling a bajillion miles to do so, so… I guess that leaves the only free, non-distance-restraining option:  I will try to always provide you with words full of humor, a small town girl outlook, opinions and advice (whether you want them or not), and hopefully a happy ending (but not that kind, boys).

AND… there’s more!

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do (like shaving her legs or buying new underwear to avoid doing laundry).  So I decided instead of putting 1 and 1 together to make 2, I’d just make 1 … if consolidation’s good enough for my hometown (Go Riverside!), then it’s good enough for me.  I’m putting my advice blog and humor blogs together so that I can offer you the Sam’s Club bulk-sized version with double the blogs and double the fun!

So there it is.  I left it all out on the court.  Will you be my friend?  Will you be part of my tribe?  Will you never comment on this needy moment again?  Lol.  Think about it.

And whether you do or you don’t, you’re still my friend (unless you take the last brownie, and then we’re gonna have words)!


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If you’d like to share it with friends, I’ll love you forever. Thanks!

And a big thank you to all who’ve helped me even get this far!