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What’s your favorite Easter candy?  I have a co-worker friend who ranks holidays by the candy attached to them.  Have you ever pondered that?  I hadn’t before she mentioned it.  For me, Easter would rank first on that scale.  What about you?  She says Valentine’s Day and Halloween rank high and Christmas is in the mix, too.  I’m still going with Easter!


After doing a little polling of the close friends, it is clear to me we are a nation of Reese’s eggs, Jelly Belly jelly beans, and Peeps!   I’m all for the Reese’s as I’m sure you know, but Si Robertson can keep his Jelly Bellies and you all can keep those magical Peeps that they now sell for every freaking holiday to yourselves!  Ick.

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Me, I’m more of a Reese’s peanut butter egg-sour gummy bunny-Hershey’s eggs girl.  No, not the individually wrapped Hershey chocolate eggs, the good ones that are candy-coated.  They only make them at Easter, and I love them!  Actually, I’m addicted to all 3 of those.  Oh, and I sure don’t mind those Dove Easter eggs either.  Yum!  Mmm… no wonder my husband never has a problem finding me happiness this time of year!


But you know what I was just thinking about?  I keep seeing all these pictures of friends taking their kids to Easter egg hunts, and it made me think of the annual Easter egg hunt that the Rainbow girls put on in Oakland.  Oaklandites, do you remember that???


Every year, the football field was covered in color!  And every year, I hoped I would find the magical plastic prize-winning eggs instead of those nasty marshmallow-flavored things.  Actually, I’m not entirely sure they were marshmallow.  Were they banana?  Does anybody remember?  All I know was that they were white on the inside, they tasted horrendous, and they used them because back then they were the only candy eggs you could buy individually wrapped.  Oh, and I’m not bitter much that I never found one of the plastic eggs for the good prizes.  Ha ha.


But maybe I just like Easter egg hunts more than most.  My grandma used to hide these wax candle ducks for me year-round, and I thought it was the most fun ever.  She left them for me when she passed away.  I’m still a big fan of scavenger hunts, Easter egg hunts, treasure hunts, anything that involves looking for a win!  Not a kid that can’t talk me into joining in on something like this because I remember being the youngest and everyone having to humor me with it.  Now, it’s my turn.  I don’t take that job lightly.  Plus, it’s just freaking fun!  I promise you I am going to put on my own Easter egg hunt someday in football field fashion.  But don’t be surprised if the prizes are a little more of the adult variety!  See, I’m all for children having fun, but I’m even more for adults having fun!


And with that said, Happy Easter, everybody!