Valentine’s Day, Fat Tuesday, and the Chinese New Year all in one week…Kinda makes a person wonder what’s in store!

I think it goes without saying that we all know plenty about Valentine’s Day, although I must admit I didn’t realize that Valentine’s Day is also National Condoms Day, but I guess that’s not overly surprising, but perhaps somewhat ignored.  This is where you start counting nine months to November to realize which of your friends were conceived on V-day.  I won’t spoil it for some of you, but I’ve got a couple in mind.  Lol.

Now, I’m thinking we all know the premise behind Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday as well.  If you want my opinion of celebrating Fat Tuesday in fine form, check this out:  https://boltoncarley.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/lecture-59-fat-tuesday-lets-call-it-phat-tuesday/

Again, I will mention any holiday that involves getting fat instead of skinny is one I’m on board with!

However, I’ve now decided I’m a fan of the Chinese New Year, too.  I’m pretty sure you will be, too!  So, get this:  they have a big family/friend dinner where they shovel piles of food in on New Year’s Eve and then single, elderly, and children get red envelopes of money on New Year’s Day.  Suddenly, being single doesn’t sound so bad, huh?

But here’s where they got me.  People are supposed to wear red as it is a symbol of good fortune for the year ahead and buying new clothes signals a fresh start!  Hello, new  !  That’s my kind of holiday!  Did I hear shopping?  Did I hear an excuse to go shopping in February for yourself instead of December for others?  Don’t be afraid to tell your spouse that you are going to require some clothing to keep the bad omens away!  And for you Husker fans, you can buy red for the double secret bonus!  Oh yes, my friends, we have found us some good excuses!

That being said, it’s the year of the snake.  And we all know how I feel about snakes.  So never mind.  I’m not a fan of Chinese food anyway.  I think I’ll stick to The Candy-Coated Love Fest!

There’s still time for you to play.  Join us here if you want to get on board:  Otherwise, pass me the box of Russell Stover’s, would ya?  And have a Happy-Fatty-New-Valentine’s Day week!