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Who’s looking forward to the Super Bowl???  Maybe I should rephrase that.  Who’s looking forward to watching football on Sunday????  Who’s looking forward to watching commercials on Sunday???  Who’s looking forward to Beyonce on Sunday???  Who’s looking forward to drinking on Sunday???  Who’s looking forward to gorging themselves with awesome snacks on Sunday????  Who’s just ready for an excuse to hang out with family and friends and overdo instead of staring outside at the crappy weather????  You answered “yes” to at least one of them, right????

Now, who’s dreading Monday?????????

Exactly.  And that’s why I’m proposing a new American holiday in honor of Super Bowl weekend:  Recovery Monday!  Yeah, I considered naming it Hangover Monday but recovery is for overeating, over-drinking, over-partying, over-staying-up-late-on-a-Sunday kind of thing.  Listen, I think we need to make this happen!  It just needs slipped in under a Congressman raise hike or some random tax bill which we all know will pass!   Because, really, who’s going to argue with a Monday off in February whether they like the Super Bowl or not?

Plus, it’s the most ditched day of work in the United States.  Why even bother I say?

We have entirely too few holidays in our country!  France, England and a bunch of other places have “holiday” constantly!  We need to quit being overachievers and enjoy life a little and what holiday would be more American than Recovery Monday – a holiday celebrating NFL football, eating too much, drinking too much, hating Mondays, and needing to sleep in, relax, and bond with our loved ones??  We probably could even eat leftovers.  Now, that’s the way to do a Monday.

Maybe we could even get Peyton to have Papa John’s be the national pizza of the Monday after!  I mean who wouldn’t like a day devoted to sleeping and lounging?  Bring it on!

Are you with me?  Come on, let me hear it:  are you with me?????

Yeah, I don’t want to hear it if you’re not…  Plus, I’ve got little weiners to dip in BBQ and snausage (yes snausage) and cheese to chop up.  Big plans you know!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend, everybody!