Hey Sandy, thanks for not passing through here!  Guess I’m even gladder to be a Midwestern girl right about now.  Well, except for that whole hibernating thing.  I think I’d be okay with that.  Has anybody else noticed that the only time you settle in and can kinda hide out is when the weather forces you to?  I’ve read all your posts about stocking up, staying home, school cancellations, baking, and planning on watching movies and playing games with your kids.  And let me just say it sounds like fun!  And I might be a tad envious, assuming you’re not surviving on pickle loaf and huddling over your smart phone to play Tetris.

Anybody else craving a snowstorm right about now?  Frankenstorm – maybe you do need to tromp on over here!  Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, a whole bunch of your families will be bonding over Parcheesi, you couples will be reproducing, and your pets will be getting their bellies rubbed for the first time in eons.  How can you not like that?  There’s nothing like a natural disaster to trap you in your house and leave you cleaning out closets you’ve been avoiding for months, watching Sweet Home Alabama for the 900th time, or getting your Christmas cookies baked and in the freezer.  And don’t even get me started on that whole idea of a few days of naps and pj pants.   You cannot tell me you’re not in love with that idea!  I know I would be!

I know.  I know.  It won’t be fun if you have no power.  Fair enough, but it will be something to remember.  Some of my biggest memories growing up were from storms.  There was the twister I slept through (because my family left me sleeping on the 3rd floor!), the blizzard we camped out in the kitchen playing pinochle using heat from the gas stove (I do love winning and sledding over the gates was pretty cool literally and figuratively), and in later years, there was the ice storm in October that left me on my couch for 5 days except for a slidefest trip through town in an old crappy pick-up truck named LeRoy Brown (RIP LeRoy), and, of course, Snowmeggedon (aka worst Christmas ever)!  Good times!  Or not… but either way, you will have stories to tell.  You just can’t help but think about the old memories and the ones you’re about to make.  And I’m sure you have a story or two for me, too.  Don’t ya?  Well then, bring it!

(And feel free to remind me we wished this upon ourselves when we’re stuck in our houses without DVR access come mid-January.)