thanks to the pastor who wrote this on his twitter account.

Every once in awhile, those mushy moments hit when somebody says the right words at the right moment and it makes you feel a little less like a pile of shit in a world of superstars.  I’ve had 2 of those epiphanies myself this week.  One happened when I read one of those fab ecards that everybody posts on their Pinterest and Facebook accounts:  Quit comparing your behind-the-scenes to everybody else’s highlight reels.  No shit.  Brilliant thought.  Will I follow it?  Highly unlikely.  Too logical and too good for my self-esteem I suppose. Lol.  Will I try to follow it?  Certainly.  Should you follow it? Yes…unless you’re one of those cocky sumbitches that comes up with songs like Don’t you Wish your Girlfriend was Hot like Me?  In which case, to quote Happy Days:  Put a sock in it!

Anyway, I can’t help but think that we all need those moments.  Those thoughts that make us feel a little bit better in a crazy world where we try to keep up with the Jones or out-do the Christian PTA lawyer mom wearing high heels and toting five boys to the soccer field or the Armani-suited CEO carrying flowers for his wife.  Listen, it ain’t easy to believe the best in ourselves or feel loved and wanted.  There are too many people in this world that don’t have time for us.  Everybody’s too busy shuffling their kids to practice, working 2 extra hours at work, or running a marathon to stay healthy.  Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to send some love to the people around us who need it and sometimes, we’re those same people who need to feel the love.

As I said earlier, I had 2 moments this week.  The second  came when an important person in my life made the comment that she knew  I had always known I was different, I had just made the mistake of assuming it was a bad thing instead of a good thing.  In 30-some years, that thought had never occurred to me, but you know what?  In some back-asswards way, it made me feel a helluva lot better that day.  So since I’m feeling the love this week, you should, too.

Ten little wishes I wish for you this gorgeous weekend:


10. I wish you cold beers (or wine if you’re one of those sophisticated types) and good conversations on a low-stress night.


9.  I wish you the ability to see your success and people that don’t take you for granted.


8.  I wish you Reese’s peanut butter cup cupcakes and milk.


7.  I wish you the chance at your own form of Olympic victories.


6.  I wish you fabulous date nights and full nights of sleep with the windows open.


5.  I wish you ladies’ or guys’ nights out with talk of old times that make you smile.


4.  I wish you great hair days or lookin’-trim-in the mirror feelings.


3.  I wish you outings that make you notice the perfect weather, a warm glow, and a soak-in-the-atmosphere view.


2.  I wish you some Christian Gray-kind-of action scenes.


1.  And most of all, I wish you non-shitty situations!


So there, I said it…  My sappy little piece of wishing you well… Go off and be happy, damn it!  Oh, and I’ll see ya next week.  Same time.  Same bat-shit crazy channel.

-Laters, baby!